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10 TV Shows for Fashion Inspiration

Fashion and television go hand and hand. It’s kind of hard not to notice what the characters are wearing when following the story lines. Sometimes the outfits are so on point that the costuming becomes a focal point even when the show isn’t necessarily about fashion. Here are 10 TV Shows that can lend a helping hand whenever you might need some fashion inspiration.

1. Gossip Girl

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You can’t utter the words fashion, television and show without mentioning Gossip Girl. For two characters with such different styles, Blair and Serena were always mixing and matching items from each other’s closets. Blair’s style was more of a preppy elegance mixed with vintage design while Serena had more of a glittery chic aesthetic. I personally liked items both characters wore like Blair’s coats and Serena’s dresses.

2. Living Single

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I truly appreciate the 90’s looks that the ladies of Living Single have given us. Personally, Maxine Shaw’s style is my absolute favorite and I’ve been getting into more of her business formal outfits for my own corporate style, but we can not forget about the glamour queen that is Regine Hunter. She had an outfit and wig for every occasion, I mean, what more do you need?

3. Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars was a show that I was completely invested in until they revealed the Big Bad A, but we won’t get into that. Each liar had their own specific distinctive style that was all their own. Hanna was the chic IT girl with all the tall heels and sunglasses. Spencer was the preppy schoolgirl with her knee-high socks and cardigans. Emily was sporty and casual but she knew how to dress up when she needed to. Aria’s style was the most versatile to me. Her outfits were like a mix of alternative, urban, and chic elements. When I did watch the show, I liked Hanna’s style the most, but looking back I appreciate Aria’s eclectic style. I also enjoyed Mona’s style due to it being a combination of both Hanna and Aria.

4. Twenties

There is something about each of Mari, Hattie and Nia’s styles that I look forward to when watching a new episode of Twenties. I love Hattie’s casual pattern mixing and Mari’s sleek and chic professional looks. Nia’s style is the closest to my own and I find it to be quite versatile and fun.

5. Girlfriends

Girlfriends had the sleek and sexy professional look on lock between Joan, Mya and Toni but it was done in three different ways. Lynn did her own thing when it came to her bohemian looks. Despite the differences in their styles, their outfits were pretty cohesive. My favorite items from the show were always the shirts because that’s where the variation and contrast came into play.

6. Black Monday

Ah, the shoulder pads of the 80’s. What I enjoy about the fashion on Black Monday is that the outfits are just as outrageous as the personalities of the characters. I’ve recently been feeling 80’s fashion a bit more and Black Monday has presented it in a way that makes you pay attention. The denim jackets, gold jewelry and smart skirt suits are hard not to notice.

7. Ugly Betty

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Betty Suarez is a great example of how everyone has their own style that is unique to them. I enjoyed the colorful outfits that Betty often wore and how she evolved throughout the 4 seasons of the show. Each character had their own niche style even within the Mode offices themselves, but I had a soft spot for Marc St. Jame’s dark suit/bright dress shirt combos and Betty’s red frames.

8. Insecure

The outfits on Insecure are probably the ones I enjoy the most from a show that is currently running. I can genuinely say that I like each of the core 4 stylistic choices. Their outfits for the most part just seem so effortless and they accessorize. I’m big on accessories, I absolutely love them and as you can see from the picture, Issa, Molly, Tiffany and Kelly love them too.

9. The Get Down

I was quite upset when Netflix canceled The Get Down, but we can still enjoy the 70’s fashion the musical drama showcased. They had it all. The hip huggers, the glittering disco gowns and of course the red Pumas that Shaolin Fantastic was known for. The wardrobe was so colorful and distinctive that you could pretty much count it as a character all on its own. My favorite piece of clothing from the show was the tight short-sleeved t-shirts. I had to add a couple of them to my own wardrobe.

10. The Nanny

I could not forget about Fran Fine from The Nanny. What I enjoyed the most about Fran’s outfits was how bright and bold they were. Her outfits always had some type of interesting pattern or intricate design. Like the theme song said, “She was the lady in red while everybody else is wearing tan” and she did not care at all. Fran continued to wear her mini skirts and tights, a combo that I have started to explore myself, and she kept it moving despite what anyone said.

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