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10 Ugly Sweaters That Are Creatively Festive

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Between Christmas lights and decorating trees, ugly sweaters seem to be the one holiday tradition that is always pushing the envelope. Then again, that is kind of the whole point. Ugly sweaters have to push boundaries because if they didn’t they might not be all that ugly and then they are just…. sweaters. I like ugly sweaters because they absolutely do the most and every year, there seem to be more outlandish and interesting designs that feature music, lights, and every tree decoration you could name.

Considering that ugly sweaters can consist of anything, there is one out there for everyone. You can find 3 different versions of sweaters featuring your favorite musician, television show, or snack. There is also the option to get creative yourself with a solid color sweater and whatever accessories you want. Ugly sweaters assist with helping you celebrate the holidays in the way you want to even if you don’t really know how you want to celebrate. That is where these 10 sweaters come into play. Their festive-ness will steer you in the right direction.

Festive Flamingos

Look At That Shady Reindeer

Simple, Low Key and Cute

Eggnog for Everyone!

When I Say Tinsel, You Say Tinsel

Be The Tree, Wear The Tree

Rudolf Must Make An Appearance

Who Doesn’t Love A Little DIY

Food is Always Festive

Dress Up A Little Bit, We’re Going To The Living Room

Out of these ten, I must say the hot Cheetos sweater was a nice surprise.

Header Image Credit: Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

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