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12 Dazzling Jewelry Brands Worth Exploring

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I can confidently say jewelry is my top choice for an accessory and the most present accessory in my closet. It’s an exciting feeling to come across different materials, styles, colors and of course different brands. Some are more on the affordable side while others can be more expensive. There are brands that focus on gold while others use recycled materials. Each jewelry brand has its own vision, purpose and style of self-expression that can be seen through the pieces they create. The 12 jewelry brands on this list do share a few similarities though. Each one embodies what it means to create through quality and creativity, so get ready because you are in for a treat as you just might meet your next jewelry piece.

Sincerely, Antoinette

Sincerely, Antoinette jewelry
Credit: Sincerely, Antoinette

Sincerely, Antoinette is an all-inclusive Adornment line founded by Mercedes Burchett. During the pandemic, Mercedes used her love for art and connection to her spirituality to create a jewelry brand of handmade and intricate pieces featuring brass, copper, and healing stones. Her mission is to create pieces that not only inspire but encourage individual uniqueness. From lip cuffs to face adornments, you’ll be in awe of her work and the level of care and detail that goes into each piece, resulting in a unique work of art.


KHOI jewelry
Credit: KHOI

KHOI is a Chicago-based sculptural accessory brand founded by Hayet Rida. From the March Kapsule to the Klassics, a new story unfolds with each released collection as Hayet uses different themes to encourage people to be themselves unapologetically. If you love gold, and I mean who doesn’t, you’ll be in great hands with KHOI. The jewelry brand has a diverse selection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces that showcase its uniqueness through shapes and textures.


History + Industry jewelry
Credit: History+Industry

HistorY+Industry is an exquisite art brand that painter and jeweler, Irene Wood created. From the age of 11 with her first collection of beads, Irene has found joy in creating through different cultures and materials. There’s brass and serpentine. Freshwater pearls and vintage lucite. Jasper and marble. The list goes on and a colorful collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets at History+Industry is formed. You’ll also find that the mixed materials and combination of colors don’t just stop with the jewelry as Irene showcases both areas of her creativity with her selection of paintings as well.

Romy Studio

Romy Studio jewelry
Credit Romy Studio

Romy Studio is a jewelry brand created by Camille Hay. Through her background in graphic design, and interests in art, architecture and nature, Camille has created a collection of handmade jewelry that while lightweight makes a bold statement. Each set of earrings is made of polymer clay and the scrap clay is turned into one-of-a-kind pieces. I love the use of color and shape in Romy Studio pieces like arches, circles, poppy reds and misty blues.

Home by Areeayl

Home by Areeayl jewelry
Credit: Home by Areeayl

Home by Areeayl, previously known as Beads Byaree, is a jewelry brand straight from the imagination of creator Areeayl Goodwin. The jewelry line features a variety of whimsical pieces and through each piece, Areeayl encourages people to turn their dreams into a reality. Home by Arrealy features innovative creations such as the Lantern Hoops made to celebrate light and the Sisterhood of Water bracelet. The whole collection takes creativity to the next level, but the earrings just go above and beyond, with pieces like the Vase studs where you can nurture real flowers.

Mahnal Jewelry

Mahnal jewelry
Credit: Mahnal Jewelry

If you are looking for a bit of romanticism to add to your life, Mahnal will do just that with all the right details. Mahnal is a contemporary brass jewelry line created by Shayba Muhammad. Shayla is on a mission to beautify the world through her handmade jewelry. Each piece, whether it be the Grande Crater ring or the Ola Necklace, goes through the process of meditation and research and is intended to inspire the inner beautification of women while reminding them to slow down and take a moment to think intentionally.

MAM Originals

MAM Original Jewelry
Credit: MAM Originals

MAM is a sustainable and fashionable jewelry brand founded by Jordi Enrique Albert and Anthya Tirado in Barcelona. Jordin and Anthya were on a mission to create an ethical and creative fashion brand with out-of-the-box products and with that MAM was born. What started as a watch brand featuring innovative styles has blossomed into a functional accessories brand made for personalization and exploring your unique style. Now, you can explore a variety of categories including makeup jewelry, ear cuffs and anklets.

Soulbound NYC

Soulbound NYC jewelry
Credit: Soulbound NYC

Soulbound NYC explores the wonders of video games through fine, delicate jewelry. Creator Kelly Zohgeb, a self-proclaimed geek and gamer, designs and crafts each piece of jewelry herself from materials such as recycled 14-karat gold, conflict-free diamonds, and ethically sourced colored gemstones. The name Soulbound comes from the term of the same name used in video games as a way to reference items that can’t be given to other players and are typically rare and powerful. That same line of thinking translated over to the jewelry as Kelly’s creations are made to last a lifetime.

Pithy Labs

Pithy Lab jewelry
Credit: Pithy Labs

Pithy Labs was founded by Rita, a graphic designer, who along with Nico, an interior designer, created a collection of modern and geometric jewelry. Most of their colorful, hand-painted earrings and necklaces are made of wood, but they also dabble in using other eco-friendly materials when creating new pieces. There is no better way to display your Pithy jewelry than with one of their jewelry boxes that showcases the same love and appreciation for art, nature and architecture as the treasure they house.

1929 Galore

1929 Galore jewelry
Credit: 1929 Galore

1929 Galore is a jewelry brand that was created by TeQuia Miller. The brand features a large variety of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and of course, anklets. 1929 Galore is known for its hoops and anklets but you can see the love TeQuia has for jewelry through each piece, whether it be new or vintage. With each new collection, TeQuia encourages people to express themselves freely and find their individual style.

Karo Koru

Karo Koru jewelry
Credit: Karo Koru

Karo Koru is a brand of handmade jewelry from the hands of Karo Kangas. What started as a way for Karo to heal during the uncertainty of the pandemic, has become an ode to her childhood with the purpose of tackling the issue of waste through repurposing and recycling. The beads you see on the earrings, the pearls on the necklaces, and the glass on the bracelets are either vintage, recycled, dead stock, or repurposed. Through each piece, you can see Karo’s love for nature and art shine through.


Nelida jewlery
Credit: Nelida

Nelida is a jewelry brand that is all about combining the beautiful color combinations found in nature with a passion for fashion. The collection of jewelry ranges from more traditional pieces to modern and contemporary, but each piece shares the special touch of being crafted by hand. You’ll be delighted as you come across vivid blueberries in the form of earrings or blooming flowers that can placed around your neck.

Image credit to: Photo by 湉双 陈:


March 27, 2024 at 9:05 am

I like 1929 Galore’s anklet. Unique style for an anklet. Not chunky and yet making a statement.

March 27, 2024 at 12:20 am

I love the purple bracelet from MAM Originals! I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I would love to have a statement piece like that!

March 25, 2024 at 2:58 am

Never heard of any of these brands but they all have uniquely beautiful items to cherish for a life time. Definitely got to see if they ship to my corner of the world.

    March 26, 2024 at 12:05 am

    Coming across a new brand you like is definitely a treat! Their jewelry is beautiful but their motivation behind creating their brands is too. Glad you enjoyed it!

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