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12 Essentials That Every Backpack Needs

Backpack essentials are pretty much anything you consider necessary to keep inside of a backpack. Mine for example includes all purse essentials with a few additions. A backpack gives you extra retail space, so we have more to work with. Let’s take a look at 12 essentials that can make every backpack functional and fashionable.

Vaseline or some type of lip chap – This is probably the number one want that is a necessity. I need lip chap because I can not stand dry lips. My go-to is Vaseline Lip Therapy because I’m very picky when it comes to lip chaps. Some dry out my lips instead of moisturizing them and who wants to deal with that

Water bottle – You can’t be out here styling, profiling, and dehydrated. No, no no. A water bottle is a perfect essential to keep in your backpack

Bottle of Lotion – What could be more annoying than dry lips? Dry hands. Our hands need love too so I like to keep a bottle of lotion on hand. Full-sized lotions can fit perfectly in a backpack so the choices are limitless.

Key and Safety Keychain – Of course, keys, but more importantly a safety tool. Well, they’re both important actually.

Sanitizer – Sanitizer is a must, especially now. Sometimes I have multiple in one backpack, but I usually try to keep at least one on hand. The downside, these things are always spilling and getting on everything else. Be sure to get you a sanitizer with a hard-to-remove top.


Wallet – The wallet really helps keep things organized between cards, dollars, and coins that could end up collecting at the bottom of your backpack. A wallet helps you pull out the 25 cents you need to buy that skirt a lot quicker

Phone Charger – this one is pretty obvious but very necessary.

Pens – You never know when you need to take some notes, do a little doodling, play a game of tic tac toe. It seems like you always need a pen when you expect to need one, but wherever you are do not have one even though they should. Easy solution, keep a black one in the backpack at all times.

Hair ties – or bobby pins or headbands, really anything that does the job of keeping your hair up and out of your face.

Snacks – Snacks are a great addition to any bag especially if you are running around a lot, and don’t have time to eat. Granola bars, fruit, or even some chips go a long way and can give you the energy boost you need to conquer the day.

Sunscreen Stick: got to keep your skin protected from those sun rays. A sunscreen stick provides an easy solution when you need sunscreen on the go. I usually keep two, one for my face and one for my body.

Eyeglass Case – An eyeglass case is a perfect place to keep a cleaning cloth, your sunglasses, anything you really need for all things eye care. There tend to be a lot of things in one backpack, so a case to keep all the important things really does come in handy

What’s one must-have that every backpack needs? Share in the comments!

Header Image Credit: Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

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