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Crocs are often seen as a shoe that was made to provide comfort but not style. There have been a lot of opinions going around about just how high Crocs rate on the style meter, and it seems that their score is pretty low. I was always pretty neutral when it came to my stance on Crocs. They weren’t the cutest shoe in the world, but I also didn’t think they were this fashion abomination that people made them out to be. They were just comfortable and colorful shoes, but then something changed. I started to notice Crocs a bit more when my cousin started rocking them. They looked super cute with the outfits she put together, so I decided to get myself a pair to really see what Crocs were about. I then took it a step further and decided, with the help of my cousin, to come up with 4 different ways to style Crocs and prove just how much potential the comfy shoe has.

You Want Summer Vibes? Crocs Will Give it To You

The fall season is just around the corner, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing all of the brightly colored Crocs. They are a great shoe to pair with a nice summer dress and a pair of sunglasses.

lemon yellow crocs
Lemon Yellow Crocs

Switch Out The Sneakers For Some Crocs With Your Next Athleisure Outfit

style crocs

An outfit featuring a white crop top and gray leggings wouldn’t be complete without a pair of crisp white Crocs. Sneakers are the traditional choice when it comes to athleisure, or maybe even a heel, but dare to be different and switch it up with some Crocs.

White Crocs

Colorful With a Little Bit of Extra

We can’t only mention just one pair of colorful Crocs, we have to mention two! These cantaloupe colored Crocs paired with any outfit will make a statement. Orange goes with a lot more then you think like blue overalls and a multi-colored satin spaghetti striped shirt.

Cantaloupe Crocs
Cantaloupe Crocs

Comfy, Cute and Casual

style crocs

Capture the true essence of a pair of Crocs with an outfit featuring a white crop top and black drawstring shorts. This outfit screams cute and comfortable as it’s paired with the pink Crocs lined with fur, a shoe that adds an extra touch of comfort and warmth.

Pink Crocs lined with Fur

Crocs are as stylish as you make them. There’s a lot of potential and versatility to be explored when it comes to styling Crocs. I think they’re a cute and unique pair of shoes that most people actually warm up to. Not only that, Crocs come in a variety of colors and styles. They even have cute charms called Jibbitz that you can use to add a touch of customization.

So, what are your feelings towards Crocs? Do you already own a pair or will these shoes not be making an entrance into your closet? Share in the comments!

Thanks to my cousin Shariesa for being the model that she is and working on this with me!

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