5 Alternatives To The Familiar Summer Woven Bag

5 Alternatives To The Familiar Summer Woven Bag

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When I think of the perfect bag for summer, I think of something that is bright, bold, and compact. I want something that’s small, but still has enough space in it to actually be purposeful. Woven bags are normally popular during the summertime since they are cute and spacious, but they are also super predictable.

summer woven bag
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I like woven bags especially the cute little round ones, but why not switch it up a bit? Let’s consider going in a different direction when it comes to our summer bags. You don’t even have to look too far because I have 5 alternative bags that will have your summer outfits looking fresh and fine.

Telfar Yellow Shopping Bag

Telfar Shopping Bags come in many different shades and sizes. The yellow shopping bag will provide you with the space to carry all your essentials and the color to make you stand out wherever you go.

ShyDiva Co Manda Handbag

alternative to woven bag

I first mentioned ShyDiva Co in my Black-owned business post, but I couldn’t help but mention them again when talking about summer bags. The Manda bag comes in the perfect shape, size, and color for any summer outfit. I think this color might actually be one of my favorites.

Tomme Nike X Pigalle Green Basketball Bag

Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, I’m sure it’s not hard to see why this Tomme basketball bag is a great alternative to the normal woven bag. From the wide black chain to the beautiful green shade, this bag is truly one of a kind.

Disney X Aldo Bobbidi-Boo Cinderella Handbag – Pink

alternative to woven bag

If you are looking for more of a princess vibe for the summer, then I have the bag for you. Aldo’s collaboration with Disney has produced a collection of brightly colored purses that can’t be missed even during those summer nights.

Grafea Micro Oceane Satchel

Doesn’t this micro satchel just scream “take me on a trip?” The pastel color scheme provides the perfect balance for any occasion whether it requires dressing up or keeping it casual.

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