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5 Perfect Alternatives to Perfume

Perfume is often the first choice when it comes to wanting to smell extra good, but it’s not the only choice. These 5 alternatives to perfume will have your nose wide open. Who knows, you may even find your signature scent.

Essential Oils and Body Oils

Essential oils and body oils have been my preferred alternative for a while now. There are plenty of different oils out there in a variety of scents so you will not get bored. And that’s not even the best part! Body oils and essential oils not only offer an amazing and lightweight smell, but they also moisturize. What more could you ask for? f you are looking for a new addition to your growing body oil collection, look no further than to the Vixen Body Oil by Jade and Fox Co.


I feel like body spray might be the most common alternative to perfume that’s used. Between Vicotria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works, you have possibly come across a scent you liked by just visiting the mall. Bodysprays tend to fall on either side when comparing them to perfumes. Some are a bit more in your face whereas others are not as noticeable. Staying within the mall visit theme, try out Avacado Co-Wash by Lush for your next body spray.

Body Lotion and Butters

What goes perfectly with a Bath and Body Works body spray? A Bath and Body Works body lotion. I cannot tell a lie, I love their scents, especially Cucumber Melon and Sweet Pea. I like softer, fruity scents so these two are always at the top of my list. Body butter, like Butter Me Down by Grn Goods, also proves to be a great alternative to perfumes as they can be fragrant and a lot thicker than lotions, providing that extra level of moisture.


Body mist, such as the Vanilla Everything Mist from Urban Hydration, is pretty similar to body spray, but it provides a lighter, less fragrant scent. It’s all in the name. You have perfumes that provide a burst, body sprays that provide a spritz, and then the mist. I really like body mists because they give you just enough without being too extra. It’s the perfect alternative to perfume especially if you are looking for something that is subtle yet delightful.


What do you do if none of the alternatives to perfume specifically speak to you? You make your own. There is a DIY for everything including fragrances. A do-it-yourself project will provide the perfect opportunity to control just how fragrant your perfume is. You can choose your own combination of scents and even name it yourself. Here is a recipe for lavender lemon body spray that can help you get started.

Are you a perfume wearer? If so, what’s your favorite scent? If not, what’s the best alternative you’ve tried? Share in the comments!

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

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