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5 Reasons Why Watching TV Can Be A Hobby

Watching tv is a common activity that most people do, but in different ways. I love watching tv way more then I enjoy watching movies. Searching through different series and genres is a fun yet frustrating task because you don’t really know if you’ll like what you click on. When you do stumble upon that one show that somehow becomes something you can’t stop talking about, the frustration kind of just melts away. That’s what hobbies do. They provide you with the opportunity to do something you have a great interest in and build on it. So why shouldn’t watching tv be considered a hobby?

Watching tv is often not considered a hobby because on the surface, there’s not much that goes into it. You have the tv, you find a show, you watch it and enjoy and/or hate it. Then there’s the point made about it not being a productive or active activity. These are interesting points to consider but there are also 5 really good reasons as to why watching tv should be considered a hobby.

1. Watching TV is Fun and Interesting

One thing that all hobbies have in common is the ability to bring fun to whoever is participating in them. Watching tv is no different. Television is meant to entertain and enjoy. If you’re going to take on a hobby, it might as well be something you like to do.

2. There’s Always a New Character to Analyze

One may argue that watching tv shouldn’t be considered a hobby because it isn’t stimulating. On the other hand, watching tv can be intellectually stimulating depending on how you look at it. There are so many different characters and storylines that are written in a variety of ways and you can’t help but to sometimes compare. New tv shows bring new characters to analyze in terms of character development, acting, and other variables. There are tons of different elements that go into the shows themselves like writing, producing, and casting and you get to inspect each one as you enjoy your favorite show.

3. Watching TV Can Connect You To A Community For The Shows You Love

Everything that you can analyze within a show can be done yourself or within a community dedicated to discussing that show. There are a variety of forums and boards specifically made for television discussion. You can connect with other people who like to watch and discuss the same things you do. If you do not want to join a discussion board, you can also visit the comment section of YouTube. Fans from all over contribute their opinions and thoughts on shows, and the discussion just naturally happens when there are opposing opinions or agreements. These discussions between people who enjoy television illustrate that there is more to watching tv than just the act itself.

4. Each Genre Brings Something Different

How many tv genres can you name?. There are sitcoms, action and adventure, teen drama, sci-fi, animation, reality television, and the list goes on and on. This list shows you that there are many directions you can go in when it comes to watching tv as a hobby. You don’t have to stick to one genre because there are so many to explore. Each genre also brings something different to the table. There are differences in acting, characters, and storyline of course, but there are also different tropes and expectations. For example, with a comedy, you can usually expect a laugh track, an ensemble cast, and somewhat corny dialogue.

5. Watching TV Can Lead You To Other Hobbies

Often when you become a fan of a show or you watch it regularly, its for a reason. Maybe you connected with a character or it could even be the creative production of the show. Whatever that love may be, it can connect you to other hobbies that relate to the show you watch like cosplay. Cosplaying is a performance art where people, also known as cosplayers, create their own costumes to replicate a character while sometimes acting in the same way as that character. You may even consider improv, screenwriting, voice acting, or acting as something to learn more about.

I for one 100% think that watching tv can be considered a hobby depending on what you put into it. Watching tv can be something that you do for entertainment, but it can also be something you connect with and find value in. That’s just me, what about you? Do you think watching tv is a hobby? What kind of tv shows do you enjoy watching? I would love to hear from you, so share in the comments!

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Meagan Haar Dodes
March 11, 2023 at 3:17 am

I agree with you completely. I watch a lot of TV and I consider it a hobby of mine because it brings me joy. I also have to devote time to finding something new when I finish a show, explore different genres, absorb information, and investigate questions as follow up.

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