The category of lipstick has got to be my favorite when it comes to makeup due to its ease of application, comfortability level, and variation of colors, so it only makes sense for me to have a favorite line. That’s where Sephora comes into play. I love their lipstick collection, #lipstories, because it encompasses everything I love about lipstick. Each shade is only $8 so that’s a bonus. What’s better than something that long-lasting, cute and affordable? I don’t know, you tell me. 

Lipstick should be something that you can have fun with and explore. You should never feel trapped or like there is only one shade that works for you. Trust me, there are tons. It helps to step out of your comfort zone and try those greens and purples you may be a little hesitant to try. There are a ton of Sephora lipstick shades to love but let me show you 5 shades that you can really have some fun with and add to your collection.


My Favorite Sephora Lipsticks

From reds and greens to purples and browns, here are 5 dynamic and unique shades to add an extra little pop to your lipstick collection

Have you tried out the Sephora lipstick collection? If so, what’s your favorite shade? If not, share your favorite lipstick anyway!

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