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5 Tips For Finding Your Blogging Style

How would I describe my blogging style? That’s a great question. My blogging style is basically informative storytelling. I like to mix facts with opinions that come from my personal experiences. Style Exploration was made to allow me to express myself while also being a place where people feel encouraged to express themselves and be open to trying new things that can be influential to their own style. I share my opinions on topics but I also hope that my audience feels comfortable sharing their opinions as well. My blog is still fairly new, and I’m still learning but I do have a few tips that may just help you if you are looking to find your blogging style.

Pick a Topic and Just Write!

Tip number one, pick a topic no matter how random it may be and write whatever comes to your mind. Think of it as creative writing or freewriting, a little brainstorming if you will. Don’t think about any specific guidelines or rules, and just write what comes naturally to you. Picking a topic to write freely about will allow you to express yourself without limitations. It can be something you post or it can be for your eyes only. This will give you the opportunity to find your voice without any pressure.

What’s Your Goal?

Blogging is something that doesn’t really mean the same thing for everyone. Everybody has their own goal in mind when they start blogging, now you just have to think about what yours is. Maybe you want to connect with people or you want a blank canvas where you can express yourself. Then there’s the monetary side of things too. Whatever goal you have in mind can influence your blogging style.

Think About What People Want to Read and Write It How You Would Want to Read it

With a goal in mind, it provides a natural path that can lead you to who your audience is and what they would like to read. Now with that being said, you shouldn’t let your audience dictate what you should write about. It’s okay to listen to what your audience wants while mixing in some topics you want to write about. Your blogging style has to come naturally to you, so think about how you would like to read what your audience wants more information about.

Put Your Own Spin on the Traditional Blog Post

There are common themes that come along with blogging depending on what you are blogging about. Whether you are talking about fashion, home decor, or tech, there are topics that everyone in that community speaks about. You just have to put your own spin on it. There are also the stylistic and formatting angles of a blog post. Punctuation, grammar, tone, and the overall flow of your writing are structural components that should be thought about in all posts, but the formatting is something you can play around with. Images, videos, audio, slideshows, lists, and quotes can all be used to help elevate the traditional blog post and make it more your style.

It’s Your Blog, Express Yourself!

This tip was pretty much sprinkled throughout the other 4, but it’s nice to keep in mind that you are pretty much speaking through your blog. You choose the topics, who to interview, what pictures, or additional pieces of information to include. Sometimes you may even find yourself choosing topics you have not thought about before, but now you are interested in. Your blogging style is allowed to evolve because we as people evolve. Our interests change, our opinions change and that’s okay. Your audience might even evolve with you and that’s okay too. You can’t write from a perspective or a voice that no longer is yours. Blogging should be fun, so be yourself!

Were these tips helpful in some way? I hope so! Let me know in the comments if you feel like it just became a bit easier when it comes to finding your blogging style!

Header Image Credit: Photo by Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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