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6 Colors Taking Over Fall Fashion in 2023

Fall has arrived and it has brought a variety of colors along with it. Fall fashion often consists of browns, oranges, tans, yellows and reds, you know, the colors you can expect to see change on trees. These colors are consistent and dependable. You know if you go into a store, you can more than likely find a sweater or jacket in one of these shades when they start putting fall clothing out. There’s nothing wrong with those colors, they just so happen to be synonymous with the season. There are other colors, however, that are not as associated with fall that have managed to make waves in 2023 when it comes to fall fashion. Here are 6 fall fashion colors you can anticipate seeing this season. Some you’d expect and others you just might be surprised by.


kohlrabi fall fashion color
Photo by The Earthy Jay on Pexels

Let’s start with my favorite 2023 fall fashion color, Kohlrabi green. Kohlrabi green is a very bright and vibrant green and I love that it has taken fall fashion by storm because it’s a bit outside the box and reminds me of spring and luscious plants. This beautiful hue provides an extra edge that sage, emerald and forest don’t. Why? Because we expect those shades of green while Kohlrabi stops you for a moment and makes you think. It’s the perfect color to add to an outfit when you want something that is a bold focal point. Kohlrabi just so happens to also be a vegetable, a turnip to be exact, and root vegetables do remind me a lot of the fall.

Add Kohlrabi to Your Closet

Spectra Yellow

spectra yellow
Photo by Mika Borgia by Pexels

Now here’s a shade you’d expect to see for the fall, Spectra Yellow. Yellow along with orange are colors that I grew to love. I love the gold tones in spectra yellow. It reminds me of extravagance and warmth while still being vivid. I feel like yellow sometimes gets a bad rep because it’s such a standout color that doesn’t always work well with all the other colors, but if you are up for some experimenting and being open minded, yellow can be such a great addition to your fall wardrobe. Spectra yellow in particular can be worn with different metals, whether it be silver for some contrast or gold for a more monochromatic look.

Add Spectra Yellow to Your Closet

Fiery Red

fiery red fall fashion colors
Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

Fiery Red is a brilliant and classic shade that can be worn during all seasons if you ask me. A majority of people have something with this shade whether it be lipstick, a dress, a hat or even something as small as a pair of socks. Fiery red can appear on multiple items on your fall wardrobe checklist. It can be a solo color or it can assist in making your outfit a bit more jazzy as it blends well with a variety of colors on the color wheel. My favorite fiery red has to be in the form of lipstick. You can wear a very neutral outfit and pairing it with a fiery red lip will add that extra pop of color without being too much. Fiery red is the definition of a statement color so use it as you see fit.

Add Fiery Red to Your Closet

Carnival Glass

carnival glass
Photo by Honye Sanges on Pexels

With a name like Carnival Glass, how can you not turn heads and rule a whole fashion season? Carnival glass is a cool and festive color that combines the best of both blue and green. This color reminds me of summer because of how cheery and bright it is, but I appreciate the love it is getting this fall. Adding this color to your fall wardrobe will make your outfits more fun, carefree and fresh. Carnival Glass really shines when it comes to accessories. Adding a pair of shoes or earrings in this color will make any outfit do a full 180 and turn into something new and exciting.

Add Carnival Glass to Your Closet

Rose Violet

rose violet
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels

Rose Violet was described by Pantone as a color that “radiates high energy.” This is such a beautiful shade and the perfect mixture of pink and magenta. This color is bright yet soft in a way, almost nonchalant like it does what you need it to do with very little effort. It all depends on how you style it as it can be worn with other bright colors while also mixing well with dark colors and denim. A rose violet sweater paired with some dark denim jeans is an unbeatable combination. It also makes for a gorgeous shade to use when it comes to makeup.

Add Rose Violet to Your Closet


red orange fall fashion color
Photo by Rafael Cerqueira on Pexels

If there is one color that screams festive and fun, it would have to be red-orange. From the leaves changing colors and Halloween decorations to cozy jackets and warm scarves, red-orange is everywhere during the fall season. I love this color because it’s vibrant and warm and orange is kind of one of my favorite colors at the moment. It pairs well with neutral colors and itself, making for the perfect in-your-face monochromatic statement outfit. You’ll find yourself having a grand ole time, just playing around with different ways to incorporate this color into your outfits.

Photo by EVG Kowalievska on Pexels

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