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6 Different Types of Manicures You’ll Love

First and foremost, I would like to let anyone reading this know that this post may contain affiliate product links. If you choose to explore the link further by clicking it, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after doing so. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Have you noticed that everything these days has 50 thousand options available for you to choose from? You go to the store for sparkling water, and there’s a wide range of flavors and brands. Every time you turn on the TV, there is a commercial for a new streaming service with different shows. The possibilities and the options seem endless whether it be with food, shopping sites, inclusive resorts or even types of manicures you can get for your nails.

A visit to the nail salon no longer consists of getting a quick file and picking out your polish color. Oh no, no no. Now, there are a variety of manicures you can choose from when it comes to getting your nails done. My mom has her manicurist license, so I’m usually her guinea pig when it comes to something new she wants to try, but acrylics have always been my go-to. Press on nails has started to intrigue my interest though. One of these different types of manicures might do the same for you and you just might find yourself asking for one on your next visit to the salon.

Basic Manicure

The basic manicure provides the perfect foundation for any nail style you choose. As someone who isn’t the best at doing nails, I find a basic manicure to be easy to do consistently. Depending on how fancy you want to get, a manicure typically starts with a nail soak followed by some cuticle nipping, filing and buffing. It’s all about cleaning up your nails so you can start with a fresh canvas to paint on. A basic manicure is really good if you don’t know what to expect and if you want something easy and not as time-consuming. The hardest part of the whole process is picking out a nail polish color. This manicure is also pretty affordable unless you go to a luxury nail spa then even a basic manicure might cost you a pretty penny.

different types of manicures

Acrylic Nails

Whether you want elegant nails, classy nails, light purple nails, ombre nails, acrylics have your back. Acrylics are the tried and true nail application method. They have been around for ages and never go out of style. Acrylic nails combine a liquid monomer and a powder to create a paste that can be applied to fake nails or natural nails. The mixture then hardens and forms a durable coating on top of the nail.

Creativity doesn’t only come in the form of choosing a nail polish color. The powder itself can be found in a variety of colors as opposed to the normal clear. You can also shape your acrylics in all types of ways whether it be almond nails, coffin nails or stiletto nails. Then there are the designs. Your nails can shine with crystals and rhinestones or you can even have 3D decorations like butterflies and shoes.

Acrylic nails

Press-On Nails

Who hasn’t gotten a pack of press-on nails from Target or Walgreens before? Most people wore press-ons before they wore acrylics, but this type of nail was often looked down upon until recently. Now there are a variety of press-on nail brands like Born Noir Nails and Chill Tips that offer high-quality, pre-designed nails you can apply yourself. You don’t need to know how to paint nor do you need to know how to apply acrylic. All you need to know is how to get glue on your nail and not on your skin and whether the nail itself looks straight. A lot of press-on nail brands offer custom-designed nails if you want something specific. They also come in all the different shapes, so don’t think you’ll be limited to the traditional square. You can find almond nails, coffin nails, stiletto nails and even short nails in the press-on variety.

Press-on nails

Gel Nails

Gel nails require UV light to cure and harden the polish onto the nail. These nails are a lot more flexible than acrylics and it’s said that they also last longer than regular lacquer polish. I personally have the least experience with gels. Despite the glossy appearance that comes with this application method, it just never stuck for me. The downside to gels is the removal process. You don’t want to peel the polish as that would damage your nail. The recommended removal method is to soak them off by wrapping the nail with an acetone-soaked cotton ball and foil.

types of manicures

Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails are a manicure style that I have experienced a few times. I find the overall application process to be a lot quicker than acrylics as well as easier to pick up if you want to do it yourself. The DIY component of nail dip powder is illustrated through nail dip kits. The kits come with step-by-step instructions that indicate which liquid should be applied at each step. There are many different color powders to choose from and each kit usually comes in a specific color scheme, but there are some out there that feature single colors also.

Dip powder nails

Nail Wraps

Looking for a different application method for your vacation nails? Well, how about nail wraps? Nail wraps utilize a wrap resin and wrap resin activator to secure the wrap to either the natural nail or a nail tip. These wraps come in a variety of materials including paper, fabric, silk and fiberglass. Nail wraps can be used to not only make your nails look cute and manicured, but they can also repair and strengthen nails. Nail wraps are similar to gels in the way that the best way to remove them is to soak them off with acetone. This method isn’t as common as gels and acylics and it also isn’t as water resistant so be sure to keep that in mind.

Naol wraps

What’s your go-to manicure method? Are you looking to switch it up and try something new? If so, which nail type sparked your interest? Let me know in the comments!


December 31, 2023 at 11:54 am

I honestly never have any idea what each of the manicures mean, so this was useful for me! I went to a nail salon with my sister and got gel nails which I had on for about 2 months, and I really loved them but it is just too expensive! Especially with the removal cost as well. I am intrigued by dip powder nails though…

    January 21, 2024 at 5:17 am

    Gel nails do last a good amount of time. Nail upkeep can get pretty expensive though, you just have to find the right balance for you. I do hope you try the dip nails and I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

Fransic verso
November 15, 2023 at 5:20 am

This is interesting, I don’t know a lot of them. Also, my partner was saying wish to try new manicures, Thank you for sharing!

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