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6 Innovative Eyewear Brands to Check Out

Long gone are the days when Lens Crafters, sunglasses stands, and eye doctor’s offices were the go-to places for all your eyewear needs. Sunglasses have always been seen as a fashion accessory with a purpose whereas eyeglasses were usually seen as a necessary tool to help someone obtain better vision. Then the landscape started to shift, and eyeglasses were starting to be seen as an accessory but without a prescription. So, why not make prescription glasses more fashionable, stylish, and unique? Well, that’s a good question, and there are many brands that have stepped forward to provide an answer.

Nowadays, where can you find eyewear that solely speaks to you? Where else other than online. There are a plethora of amazing eyewear brands that occupy the digital retail space, but these 6 brands take innovation and design to a whole new level.


Origi eyewear
Image Credit: Origi; Matrix Sunglasses

Origi stems from “original”, and that’s how they want their sunglasses to be worn, in the unique way of each individual. Their sunglasses are extremely cute, stylish, and accessible. You can find trendy sunglasses in a variety of designs, colors, and frames at affordable price points. Each pair of sunglasses comes with an Origi microfiber pouch and a cleaning cloth so they remain clean and pristine. Origi provides the sunglasses and you provide your own unique style. After all your eyes make every first impression.


Image Credit: Nurilens; New York Ebony eyeglasses

Nurilens has created a lane that’s all their own with their handcrafted wooden eyewear. Juliette Nelson launched Nurilens in November 2020 with the purpose of celebrating the students and professionals who needed her eyewear the most. Considering that Juliette designed her eyeglasses and sunglasses with students and professionals in mind, she combined blue-light technology with stylish frames to create glasses that people would be comfortable and confident in.

Before coming across Nurilens, seeing frames made solely from wood wasn’t a normal sight. There were glasses with a few wooden elements added for aesthetic purposes, but wood being the main player was a game-changer. Juliette has found her purpose and she is encouraging you to “see through the lens of your purpose.”


Image Credit: LEX-MARQ OPTIQUE; Nicole Glasses

LEX:MARQ OPTIQUE LLC is the product of a collaboration between every individual who loves a good pair of glasses. A group of opticians, frame stylists, and fashion enthusiasts came together to create a brand that was inclusive of each of their separate expertise. LEX:MARQ OPTIQUE LLC has a catalog of both women’s and men’s eyeglasses and sunglasses at different prices. You can find all types of designs and colors from vintage frames to ones of a more modern taste. There is something here for everyone.


Covry eyewear
Image Credit: Covry; Alula Peach Sunglasses

Covry was founded in 2015 with a mission to make glasses that provide the perfect fit for every face shape and size. You’ve heard that phrase right, the one that goes “one size fits all?” The one that’s been thrown around in all fitting rooms and clothing stores. Well, Covry looks at inclusivity in a completely different way and shifts away from the phrase one size fits all with the introduction of their “Elevated Fit” glasses. Longer nose pads, a reduced frame curvature, and a narrow nose bridge are some of the characteristics one can find in Covry glasses so that they sit away from your cheeks and higher on your face. Their frames are handcrafted by artisans and come in a lovely collection of designs that scream effortless beauty.

DIFF Eyewear

Diff Eyewear
Image Credit: Diff Eyewear; Rue Eyeglasses

Diff Charitable Eyewear entered the eyewear world to ensure that fashion is used as a force for good. They not only provide their customers with a stylish selection of handcrafted frames, but they also give them the opportunity to join Diff in giving back. Diff has donated over 1.4 million prescription glasses and has helped 2.7 million to receive the vision care that they need. Their eyewear includes frames that any fashionista would love with features like chic metal details, rimless frames, and an array of colorful lenses.

Bonnie Clyde

Bonnie Clyde
Image Credit: Bonnie Clyde; Desierto Sunglasses

Fun and playful eyewear is what Bonnie Clyde is all about. In 2016, Jon and Jeff Yuan created Bonnie Clyde after witnessing 30 years of eyewear expertise through their parent’s eyewear company. Each pair of shades is made with a plant-based material called cellulose acetate, nylon lenses, and stainless steel hinges. From cat-eyes to aviators, Bonnie Clyde makes high-quality sunglasses that not only look good but dance well too.

Photo by Ali Pazani


Mandy Fard
October 15, 2022 at 8:56 pm

what a cool selection you have put together! when I visit your site, I am like a child in a candy store. I can’t decide what to click on first because many topics look so interesting at the same time 🙂 Thank you for such generous sharing

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