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8 Fashion Trends I’m Most Excited for in 2023

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First and foremost, I would like to let anyone reading this know that this post may contain affiliate product links. If you choose to explore the link further by clicking it, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after doing so. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

With a new year comes new styles, new designs, and maybe even a few old ones that decide it’s their time to shine once again. Fashion trends are an interesting bunch since they can start anywhere from a designer fashion show to an outfit that gains traction on social media. There’s always a range of different colors, different textures and of course, you can separate them into different fashionable items. Skirt trends over here and jewelry trends over there. Some are pretty simplistic while others push the envelope. I’m sure we can all appreciate the range.

To be 100% honest with you, I don’t pay attention to fashion trends nor do I anticipate them when it comes to my own style. My shopping rule for myself is pretty simple. If I like it, and if I find the price to be worth it, then I’m going to roll with it. I don’t care if it’s something people wore 30 years ago, if it’s cute, then it’s cute. Peeping in every now and then on what’s going on in the fashion world can be intriguing though. These trends usually show their faces in retail stores and online shops anyway so an emerging style may find its way into my closet or it could very well already be there. Here is my own little rundown of what I think are interesting fashion trends that are set to take center stage this year.

Sheer on Sheer

sheer fashion trends

We are starting out this list of fashion trends for 2023 with sheer everything. Sheer dresses, sheer shirts, sheer socks. I’ve always been a fan of sheer clothing. I usually add one or two items to an outfit to add a different texture or to show some skin, but in 2023 we are being even more transparent and layering our sheer items together from head to toe. Sheer clothing can be very versatile as it comes in different colors and different forms plus you can dress it up or down. You can choose how much or how little you want to show of your undergarments. The possibilities are endless for outfits and experimentation.

Image by: Tuấn Kiệt Jr

To the Floor

2023 fashion trends

So apparently floor length ensembles will be making an appearance this year. We are talking about everything that sweeps the floor; skirts, pants, and coats included. Everything is usually pretty long on me anyway cause I’m slightly short, so I’m not mad at this trend at all. I also just really like the dramatics that a simple, solid-color long skirt can bring to an outfit.

Image by: Ferdie Balean

Playful & Professional

Fashion trends 2023

The work environment has drastically changed over the last couple of years with remote work, Gen-Z entering the workforce, and the shift away from traditional office policies. However, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. No, we are here to talk about playful yet professional outfits for all you fashion trend-seekers. I never dressed traditionally to go to work. I kind of always skated just above the dress code so this particular trend and I are on the same page. Of course, the playful and professional look doesn’t necessarily mean work. You can be out on the town in a jeweled bra and slacks and still in line with this trend.

Image by: Ron Lach


I like that the novelty trend is all about having fun with fashion. It’s experimental and not that serious so you really tap into the freedom fashion is supposed to provide. You want to wear an iridescent cartoon dress? Or a metallic pants set with multi-color polka dots? The choices are endless, so push that boundary not because it’s “trendy’ but because you want to.

Photo by naeim jafari on Unsplash

Shine Bright With Sequins


They say that trends are cyclical. They always circle back around, so sequins are no different. Sequins aren’t my first choice, but I like seeing the sparkle and shine out there in the world. You usually see a lot of sequin-filled outfits during the holidays or for nights out, but there’s always time to shine as bright as a disco ball, even just casually strolling down the street.

Image by: murat esibatir

Dresses Bringing all the Drama

Fashion trends

It’s poufy, it’s daring, it’s dramatic, it’s fashion! Dresses with tons of volume and big hemlines are set to make big waves in the fashion world this year, and I’m really excited about it. One of my favorite things to do is to wear a big flowy dress or skirt to somewhere really simple that doesn’t call for that type of outfit. These dresses make people ask “where are you going?” even if you’re just going to get some tea.

Image by: Warren Pachy

Soft-Shade Tailoring

fashion trends 2023

Suits are something I’m getting into the more and more I rewatch Living Single. Tailored suits in soft shades are a trend I’m looking forward to because I feel like you normally see suits in darker colors. Even bolder colors like hot pink and royal blue are more common because they appear to be edgier. Pastels and colors like sage green seem to be outliers so it will be nice to see more suits in a variety of shades.

Image by: cottonbro studio

Quiet Luxury Bags

quiet luxury bags

Quiet luxury bags and bags in general that aren’t dotted with the brand’s logo are something I will always prefer. You can do a lot more with a bag that doesn’t yell at you. That is it, that is all.

Image by Laura Chouette

Are there any fashion trends that you are looking forward to seeing this year? Share in the comments!

Header image by: Godisable Jacob


aviator jacket mens
August 16, 2023 at 10:03 am

Embracing these trends can undoubtedly add a touch of elegance and creativity to their wardrobes. Here’s to empowering each other to explore and celebrate the ever-changing landscape of fashion!

John Mulindi
January 28, 2023 at 10:23 pm

Fashion is an ever changing field. Am glad you’ve shared some of the fashion trends for this year. This is a beautiful list I’d like to share with my female friends.

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