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8 Hobbies You Can Explore At Home

There may be times where you find yourself stuck at home and bored, and you’re just wondering to yourself, what could I possibly do? Well there are so many wonderful hobbies that you can explore in the comfort of your own home or on the sidewalk outside your home. Not only do these hobbies give you something to do, but they also present a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable skills while creating something for yourself. Take a look into these 8 hobbies that are waiting to be explored.

1. Knitting

knitting yarn

Knitting can provide you with a great opportunity to challenge yourself while making a brand-new clothing item. Between the different types of yarn and knitting needles that are used to make scarves, socks and blankets, there is plenty of room for exploration.

2. Rollerblading

Get your adrenaline pumping with some rollerblading. Usually, a hard surface and a pair of inline skates are all it takes to start rolling. Once you master skating with inlines, try roller skates to see which one you like best.

3. Gardening


Gardening provides so many wonderful benefits outside of just being a fun activity to do. You get to enjoy the fresh air while planting your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. There are a variety of planters and plant types available, so you can start indoors or outdoors depending on your preference.

4. Painting

If you feel like you need to get your creative juices flowing, try painting. This activity gives you complete creative control and freedom plus painting supplies such as paint, brushes and canvases are usually pretty easy to find at craft stores and neighborhood stores or online.


5. Baking


There is such a great delicious variety that comes along with baking. There are cakes, cookies and breads and outside of the essentials, ingredients can be added based on your preferences. If you need a challenge, just watch the Great British Bake Off for some inspiration.

6. Playing an Instrument

Who doesn’t love the sound of music? YouTube has plenty of lessons for beginners looking to learn how to play a new instrument. The hard part is choosing which instrument to play. There’s the guitar or the piano and you can’t forget about the recorder.

7. Video Games

super mario bros

Does anybody remember the Game Cube? If not, that’s okay, there are so many other game consoles to choose from with a wide selection of games to play. Video games can even help with improving your debate skills considering there are often discussions between players within the community.

8. Pottery

If you’re looking for a hobby that allows you to get a little messy, then look no further than pottery. There are so many useful items that you can create using a pottery wheel plus you get to design them however you want. It’s pretty cool to have a cup that you can’t find in the store.


Image Credit: Pixabay and Pexels


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