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8 Reselling Apps To Declutter Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet can be a tedious task that makes you not even want to look in the direction of your clothes, but you must. There are items in there that you don’t love anymore or that you just haven’t worn and they must go. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn this tedious task into one with not one but many rewards and I’m talking money. Reselling apps can give you plenty of incentive to completely declutter your closet and make it a place you’ll love to look at.



Poshmark is one of the main reselling apps used for clothing and fashion-related items. As a seller, you can set up your own closets and boutiques and share your items with your followers. Buyers can connect with their favorite closets to stay in the know when they have new items or sales. Poshmark also holds Posh Parties that are centered around a specific theme, item(s), or brand(s). This reselling app is very social both online and off. You can even attend Posher events held all across the U.S. They have expanded their category list to also include home items.

I personally think Poshmark is a pretty easy platform to use if you are looking to purchase or sell clothing. You can list your items with the price of your choosing, the size, brand, and color, and write your own description. Shares are very important because they give you exposure for your closet while also helping others on the platform gain exposure for theirs.


Vinted - reselling apps

Vinted is a popular fashion-selling app that solely focuses on items related to fashion and beauty for women, men, and kids. Unlike other apps that give you a max photo limit of 4-6 photos, Vinted allows you to upload up to 20 photos per item. Their interface looks a lot like Pinterest where your homepage includes different posts from different accounts. They even have a forum right on the app so users can talk with one another making it a very social and interactive app to use.


Mercari - reselling apps

You don’t even have to sell anything to make your first $5 with Mercari. This is one of the reselling apps that provides a wide selection of categories to choose from for both buyers and sellers. Their fashion section is one of their larger sections for selling that contains many subcategories for women and men. App users can follow your account to stay updated on the items you list. You can also receive seller badges that help show positive attributes of your shop like if you are a reliable seller or a fast shipper.


ebay - reselling apps

We all know about eBay, but how could I not mention one of the largest online marketplaces for buying and selling all kinds of items? It is a go-to place to find luxury and vintage or even hard-to-find items. eBay allows sellers to list up to 50 free items per month with multiple selling options. Buyers can either buy the item at the listed price or they can bid for it through an auction. You can even sell without all of the hassle of setting descriptions and taking pictures with the help of a valer. They do it all for you, all you have to do is send them the item.


Depop - reselling apps

Depop is all about exploring and discovering unique fashion. Their interface is structured very similarly to Instagram with an explore page as well as a feed to see what exactly people are selling that you follow. You can search by item, style, or seller and you can also like items that you want to keep your eye on. When it comes to selling items, aesthetically pleasing pictures will get you far as well as a description that knows how to use hashtags. Streetwear, Y2K clothing, and vintage pieces are very popular on Depop. One other thing about Depop is that it doesn’t seem to have a share option like Poshmark. People have to pretty much stumble upon your posts or they have to pop up on the explore page.


OfferUp - reselling apps

OfferUp is a reselling app that focuses on all categories. Whether you want to sell a pair of boots or a gaming system, OfferUp has a space for you. This reselling app used to emphasize local selling, but they have made the option available to ship to non-local buyers. Buyers and sellers can directly message one another. The app is pretty easy to use when looking to purchase or sell, but it can be a bit overwhelming since there are so many categories.


ThreadUp - reselling apps

ThreadUp is a bit different from the other reselling apps that have been mentioned. As a seller, you don’t choose how your items are presented or priced. Instead, you can order a clean-out kit that will allow you to upcycle in three easy steps. You fill the bag with the clothes you want to give away, send it ThreadUp, and then get cash or shopping credit for the items that are accepted. ThreadUp does a quality inspection of each item before listing it on their site to make sure they are providing buyers with amazing secondhand clothing items.


If you are looking for an app that specializes in selling designer items, then Tradesy is the one for you. Tradesy allows you to list as many items as you want to sell as long as they are true, genuine, and authentic. They’ll even help with enhancing your product by making sure your photos are clear and your packaging is pretty. Once you have sold an item, you can use your earnings to buy something else on the app or send it to your bank account. It’s all up to you.

Header Image Credit: Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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