An Adventure in Style Awaits
About Style Exploration

When one normally thinks of the term “style,” its easy to define it in terms of fashion or beauty, but someone’s style extends way beyond that. Style is a way of expressing one’s self because we all choose the things we like to do or what we like to wear or what we may want to try. Considering that, I would have to say my style is always balancing the lines of undefined and defined due to my need to always explore something new.

Exploring the term "style" from all angles...

I’ve decided to put two things that I’m really interested in together to kind of remedy the indecisiveness that I sometimes have. Those two things are fashion and hobbies. I’ve always been interested in fashion. The different combinations you can create from a variety of styles and items is a fun task to take on. It kind of makes it hard to stick to one style, which is why you don’t need to.

My take on hobbies is simple, I don’t have one, but I kind of want one. The trick I need to figure out is one I like enough to be consistent in. If you are as indecisive as me or you may just like exploring new concepts and things, whatever it may be that brought you here, I welcome you to join this style adventure!