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Brands That Take Upcycling to a New Level

Have you ever felt that warm feeling when you’ve found a piece of clothing, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before? You get that twinge of excitement when you see a mix of patterns or textures that can’t be found at the department stores and it’s often a pleasant surprise when you find out that it was made from something else. That’s what it’s like to come across sustainable fashion brands that use upcycling as a method to bring their designs to life. It’s astonishing really when pre-loved jeans are transformed into a bralette or a tea towel provides the perfect pattern for a new shirt. That’s only part of the magic. Upcycling allows you to cherish one-of-a-kind pieces while helping reduce the effects the fashion industry has on the environment. It’s a win-win scenario, so what more can you ask for? See the upcycling magic in action with 8 fashion brands that provide beautifully crafted and handmade clothing that is good for both you and the planet.

Vintage Look

Vintage Look
Image Credit: Vintage Look

Daria started Vintage Look to give old things a new life. Many of Daria’s creations contain different textures, colors and patterns. You’ll find pants with huge hearts and frills or shorts with different patterned patches and maybe even a dinosaur or two. Each upcycled creation is unique and shows how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. New fashionable gems can be found in old garments, you just have to know where to look.

Zero Waste Daniel

Zero Waste Daniel Upcycled Clothing
Image Credit: Zero Waste Daniel

Zero Waste Daniel is a New York-based clothing brand. Daniel, the creator, is a zero-waste lifestyle pioneer who takes the pre-consumer waste from the garment industry and other hard-to-recycle materials and transforms them into pieces of wearable art. From the denim flowers on a jacket to the leather “jewel” details on a tote bag, every item, every detail, every process is centered around a mission to ensure that nothing is sent to the landfill.


Image Credit: REBORN by HoMie

REBORN is a collection of upcycled clothing from the Australian-founded brand HoMie. The upcycled creations of REBORN are made from second-hand, deadstock and excess garments from HoMie as well as brands like Disney, Champion and fellow Australian brands like Mambo and Nobody Denim. Their mission doesn’t just stop at sustainability. Through every piece of clothing they create, HoMie sets out to help the homeless youth population. Their shirts and sweatshirts feature colorful designs of swoops and angles that differentiate based on the brands they partner with.

Textile Storie

Textile Storie Upcycled Clothing
Image Credit: Textile Storie

Textile Storie is an amazingly creative brand that was founded by Taryn Liberman. Through a love for fashion, art and vintage finds, Taryn has brought forth a collection of unique creations through the skill of upcycling. Browsing through the extensive collection of handmade clothing, I was so thrilled to come across the reworked tops made out of terry cotton towels. It just makes so much sense to turn the towels you have lying around into a stylish shirt. There truly is a lot to see at Textile Storie from other reworked designs and vintage jewelry to eclectic home decor.


Image Credit: 4KINSHIP

4KINSHIP is a Navajo-owned brand founded by Amy Denet Deal. There is a whole new world of recycled, handmade and repurposed clothing to be discovered with 4KINSHIP. You’ll find a collection of artwear from vintage pieces turned into embroidered jackets to upcycled onesies created by a Diné artist. My favorite design elements are the hand-dyed pieces and the different 80s and 90s-inspired patterns. It’s amazing to see how each piece is rooted in the mission of servicing the community surrounding the New Mexico brand and their efforts in supporting the Diné youth of Two Grey Hills on Navajo Nation.

Selina Sanders

Seline Sanders Upcycled Clothing
Image Credit: Selina Sanders

Selina is a slow fashion artist and is the owner of the brand that shares her name, Selina Sanders. Whimsical, romantic, and experimental are only a few of the words that describe Selina’s designs. You’ll find flowy dresses and shirts with big sleeves made through the upcycling of carefully sourced materials like quilts, tea towels, linens, and curtains. Each item perfectly illustrates the Selina Sanders’ design mantra “Maximum Style; Minimal Carbon Footprint”.

Sarah O Robinson

Sarah O Robinson
Image Credit: Sarah O Robinson

Sarah O Robinson is a designer who has created a conscious luxury fashion brand that takes innovative and bold designs and transforms them into stunning garments. I love the use of texture that can be seen throughout the brand like the white flowers on a vest or the ruching on a skirt. Through her collections, each containing statement pieces in neutral shades, Sarah has demonstrated how sustainability and style go hand in hand and one does not have to be sacrificed for the other.

Broken Supply Co.

Broken Supply Co
Image Credit: Broken Supply Co.

Broken Supply Co. is a sustainable fashion brand, created by Ryder Brackett. Every piece is made by Ryder himself from the Blue Patchwork button down, upcycled from jeans, to the Cargo Skirt made from ripstock cotton. Looking at Ryder’s trailblazing designs, you can tell it’s all in the details at Broken Supply Co.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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