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Can Fashion be Considered a Hobby?

The mention of hobbies automatically makes the mind wander to participating in something active, like sports, knitting, or gardening. On the other hand, fashion is normally seen through the eyes of clothing, dressing yourself, and trends. Since people dress on a daily basis, fashion isn’t really seen as a hobby because everyone participates in it on some scale. However, there are people who look beyond the task of getting dressed for the day and feel the excitement that fashion brings them.

Anything that you enjoy can be considered a hobby even casually watching your favorite tv series. If we are getting more technical, refers to a hobby as “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.” That’s the magic of them right? The delight you feel when trying or discovering something new for the first time. The happiness you receive whenever you find time to do those things you love. Who is to say that those feelings can’t be applied to fashion as well?

fashion hobby

Fashion Provides Everything a Hobby Should

Fashion is experimental, it’s always evolving and changing. There are many different styles, aesthetics, trends, and brands to explore so you’ll always find something new to try. Hobbies are no pressure, you move at your own pace and you do your own thing. In fashion, we call that finding your very own sense of style. All your decisions lie in your own hands, and that is what makes having a hobby fun. You choose how you want to dress, what brands you want to support, and what trends you want to participate in. And then there is the development aspect of it. Getting to see how your style develops and evolves over the years is really a sight to see. Fashion is a great avenue to use when it comes to expressing yourself as an individual and in a creative way.

Youtube, Instagram, fashion influencers, and just people walking down the street, are great demonstrations of how fashion can be a hobby. That’s another great part of hobbies, the community aspect of it. Just like with any other hobby, fashion allows you to find and interact with people who have similar interests or different opinions, or even both. You find each other in comments, stores, forums, festivals, shows, and maybe even work. These areas provide you the opportunity to share where you may have found a piece of clothing or if you tried DIY-ing your own pants. That brings me to another reason why fashion can be considered a hobby.

fashion hobby

Endless Discovery

Fashion is a pretty vast and broad category to explore to the point where your exploration of it as a hobby can lead you to explore other hobbies. There’s styling, designing, thrifting, DIY-ing, blogging, photography, modeling and then just literally dressing and playing around with different clothes and styles. It’s fun to try new things and challenge yourself, and fashion provides many different outlets to do that. There is a wide landscape to explore and many different directions you can find yourself going in. Some may be comforting and familiar and others might be way out of your comfort zone. With any hobby, it’s up to you to determine how much you want to explore and where you see yourself going with it.

So there you have it, fashion is indeed a hobby. It provides you the space to explore new things, discover a community, and find something you really enjoy and have taken an interest in.

Header Photo by Sharon Granda

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