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Explore Knitwear Beyond the Basics with These Brands

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Knitwear and crochet are no longer just a means for providing comfy sweaters and scarves to keep you warm in cold weather. Oh no no no. Now these handcrafted creations have reached new innovative heights and can be styled in a variety of ways during any time of the year. Pieces of the knitted and crochet variety can provide a great way to have fun with patterns in fashion, a colorful statement piece to compliment your outfit or a customized trinket to add to your home. The possibilities with what you can buy or make with natural fibers are vast. From more traditionally knitted items like hats and blankets to more unique designs like mini skirts and bags, these 10 knitwear and crochet brands are making waves and redefining what it means to be a fiber artist.

Verloop Knits

Verloop Knits
Image Credit: Verloop Knits

Verloop is a brand that uses excess deadstock yarn to not only make colorful knitwear but to also reduce textile waste. Through its mission of being a sustainable knitwear brand, Verloop has created a bright catalog of a variety of items including bags, pillows, throws and slippers.

Abike Ade

Abike Ade crochet
Image Credit: Abike Ade

Abike Ade was founded by Nigerian fiber artist Lewa Adewumi. Each handcrafted piece combines high-quality craftsmanship with true artistic expression to bring forth interesting pieces showcasing various silhouettes and colors. Mini skirts, hats, halter tops and scarfs only make up some of the products you can find at Abike Ade.



HMONEYFACTORY is a knitwear and crochet brand founded by fiber artist and designer, Harmony Jackson. From the chunky cardigans to the long pantz, the collection pieces at HMONEYFACTORY are all made with natural fibers like bamboo, cotton and mohair. Harmony’s commitment to using natural fibers to create wearable art is a reflection of her focus on sustainability and longevity.

Hope Macaulay

Hope Macaulay knitwear
Image Credit: Hope Macaulay

Hope Macaulay is a contemporary luxury fashion brand founded in Northern Ireland by Hope Macaulay. Each piece is handmade by local knitters and with sustainably sourced materials such as luxury merino wool and vegan biodegradable nylon. The brand features a variety of pieces like their classic Colossal Knit Jacket, Colossal Knit Blanket and Patchwork Knit Dress.


Elexiay crochet
Image Credit: Elexiay

Elexiay is a Nigerian fashion brand that was founded by Elyon Adede. Elyon is redefining crochet through Nigerian craftsmanship and sustainability. The collection contains an amazing selection of knitwear and crochet pieces featuring a variety of colors, patterns and silhouettes.


knitsanyasini knitwear
Image credit: knitsanyasini

knitsanyasini is an Indian clothing brand that can be found on Etsy. The name comes from knit + sanyasini (which means female monk in Sanskrit) and started as a way for the designer to upcycle leftover yarn. Many of the handcrafted pieces use different Indian yarns that are dyed using natural ingredients like red cabbage, carrots, turmeric and pomegranate.

Farm Rio

Farm Rio Knitwear
Image Credit: Farm Rio

Farm Rio started as a small booth at an independent market in Rio De Janeiro by founders Katia Barros and Marcello Bastosand. That was 26 years ago and the brand has blossomed into a contemporary fashion experience where vibrant patterns and whimsical prints are at the center. Whether it’s in cardigan form or as a sweater, Farm Rio will provide the statement piece you’re looking for.


Nizhoni knitwear
Image Credit: Nizhoni

Nizhoni was the result of Dutch designer Kitty Van Coesant’s quest to combine luxury, color and functionality into quality knitwear. There a 2 collections created and produced every year featuring different color-rich pieces like hats, ponchos, trouses and accessories. Style and comfort are always a focus in each collection without sacrificing quality and design.


CroSlaybyJay crochet
Image Credit: CroSlaybyJay

CroSlaybyJay is a crochet brand where a wide range of handmade pieces meet dynamic designs. Whether it’s the Tinkerbell socks or the ruffle hats, CroSlaybyJay provides an amazing mix of fun, colorful and unique products.

The Knotty Ones

The Knotty Ones knitwear
Image Credit: The Knotty Ones

The Knotty Ones is a sustainable Lithuanian fashion brand founded by 3 best friends, Akvilė, Danutė and Sandra. All of their pieces are made with yarn that is biodegradable, high-quality and cruelty-free. You can find a combination of old traditions mixed with new interests in the different knitwear categories while exploring classic colors like dusty blue, forest green and lemon.

Header Image by Breston Kenya

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