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Exploring My Style: The Purse Collection

Hey all, it’s Taylour here, creator of Style Exploration! I wanted to share a post from my very own closet and speak a bit about my purse collection. I love purses, especially the small ones as you are going to see, but I also appreciate the differences in styles, sizes, colors, and patterns that make up the handbag side of the fashion industry.

For me personally, bright colors, bold patterns, and small packs of stylish flare are how I would describe the purses in my little collection. Take a look!

Introducing the Collection

purse collection

This is a micro leather satchel from Grafea. What I love about this purse is the color combination. Pastel greens, pinks, and purples always work so well together. The purse also comes with a long strap and a good amount of storage considering its micro size.

I’m going to be honest, there are going to be more than a few Aldo bags on this list. I really enjoy their purses because they are so different and fun to style. What drew my eye to this particular purse was the shape. Before this purse, I didn’t really have anything that was of a unique shape for a purse so I thought this one from Aldo would be the perfect fit.

purse collection

I got my hands on a Telfar bag, and I really like it. It’s a small orange shopping bag that’s made from vegan leather. My advice to anyone who wants a bag straight from Telfar and not from a reseller, get on their email list. You will get notified of each drop. I personally love how bright the orange is. It adds a nice pop of color to the outfits it’s paired with.

And we are already to another Aldo bag. This one was a collaboration between Aldo and Disney for their Cinderella-inspired collection. The purse is hot pink and there is a removable pouch inside. I usually just store everything in there. Even though I like the see-through aspect of the purse, I still don’t need everyone in my business when I’m out and about, ya know.

This is the newest find I got from Souk + Sepia. I have nothing like this in my collection, and I’ve really been wanting a wooden bag. My favorite thing about this one, although it may not be the most practical, is the strap. Round wooden balls make up the strap to throw over your shoulder. It’s one you really have to roll with sometimes, get it, roll with it. I’ll probably have a pouch solely for this purse as well.

There is something about a brightly-colored purse that I just can’t stay away from. This Aldo purse is pretty simple with its solid color and rectangular structure, but it still makes a statement.

purse collection

So this sage green is kind of my favorite color right now, and this purse from ShyDiva Co assisted in making it so. I think this bag is really interesting from the shape to the color, to the pattern. It makes for a beautiful purse.

Who doesn’t love cheetah print? Here’s another Aldo bag for you. It’s a cute little cheetah print crossbody bag, and I love pairing it with multiple color palettes. Despite the ferocious print, it’s a pretty neutral purse.

We all have a random bag in the bunch. One that doesn’t necessarily have a name, but you liked it anyway. I got this one from Charming Charlie’s and I appreciate the detail and the difference in color compared to my other purses. This one gives you more fall vibes, and it’s a pretty sturdy and roomy bag overall.

Last but not least Aldo bag. I needed more animal print and preferably something with silver accents since I don’t have much of that, so I got this bag. It’s giving you snake print, it’s giving you tiny but mighty, it’s giving you elegance.

This Gianni Bini bag is a little different from the other round ones because of the flat bottom. I like the neutral color and the gold accents, which is one of the main reasons I got it. I wanted something that could go with more outfits without throwing everything off. This purse definitely aced the challenge

Next Up for the Purse Collection

I already know what I want my next purse to be. I want something a little bigger, but not too big. The color is going to be black with gold hardware. I honestly prefer gold over silver. Those are really my only requirements, so I’ll let you know what I get!

Are you looking for a new purse to add to your collection? What are you thinking about getting? Share in the comments!

Photo by Trình Minh Thư on Unsplash


Isa A
February 15, 2022 at 4:42 pm

What a wonderful collection. My favorite was the sage green. I like Aldo brand too. And loved the sunglasses. Xx
Isa A. Blogger

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