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Exploring Visual Art Styles With Kai Blossoms

Style Exploration is all about exploring unique styles whether that be in fashion, roller skating, or even art. There are many different art forms so it’s kind of a no-brainer that there are different styles based on the artist. Considering the varying degrees of styles out there, I can’t help but want to speak to those specifically in the visual arts about how their own individual art style came to be. That is where the Exploring Visual Art Styles With…. series is introduced. In our first sit-down for the series, we are going to speak with Kai Blossoms, an up-and-coming, talented artist who loves to see just how much her art has developed.

How long have you been drawing?

I’ve been drawing for a while, but I started taking it seriously once I got Instagram, so about 1 or 2 years ago. That’s when I started doing digital art.

What is your goal?

At first, I wanted to get more views and follows to gain more confidence but then I realized that confidence doesn’t come from follows. I want to be proud of my art and progress.

What does art mean to you?

Art to me is something that’s therapeutic. It’s a way for artists to express themselves in their own way. It’s a language of expression of creativity.

How would you describe your art style?

I describe my art style in a unique way. I don’t really like labeling my own style. There are a lot of different styles so I like to describe mine as unique to myself.

Did you try out different art styles or did the one you use now come naturally to you?

I’m going to be completely honest about how art styles work. Nothing is completely original. I got my art style from artists that I look up to. I like to see what they do and if they have tutorials, I like to watch them. I put everything I learned together to make my own style. I learned over time.

Are there any art styles you would like to try?

I really like Kawanocy. I really like their style because there are so many colors, varieties, and details and I really like their doodles, because I can’t doodle, I don’t know why. I really like their coloring and that’s something I’m working on. I would really like my art if it was in their style.

What is something that plays a role in what you choose to draw?

I find inspiration in graffiti art because I like the colors and if you have a variety of colors, I find inspiration in that. Graffiti art is different and not basic, and that’s what I want.

What are the materials or platforms that you prefer to work with? Why is that?

I actually have Wacom Intuos. It is a drawing device that mimics the screen onto the tablet. I really like using my iPad because I can travel with it and zoom in/out. I am still not used to Wacom so I can’t really speak on it. Procreate is the program I use, at first MediBang, so when I switched my software it was really difficult because I didn’t know how to work it so I watched a few tutorials. I find Procreate to be worth the money and it’s smooth. The change in software was caused by, I felt like with MediBang, the brushes weren’t the best for me, and Procreate was getting popular at the time, and I wanted to try it.

Name 3 of your favorite artists

One for sure is, Noorjehan. I really like their art and they are also a great person overall. So 10/10 would recommend. Another one is, Ojiushiburi9. Their art style is what I strive for. It’s unique, amazing and the flavor is immaculate. Never had anything like it. The way that it’s complex but simple at the same time. Everything about their style makes me scream “I want to be like you.” Another artist I love is Mazamuno. Not only is it their art style, but it’s their fashion style as well as them showing off the color pink which is my favorite color. I love their original characters (OCs) and they show representation of LGBT+ and gender identity.

Do you prefer to collaborate with those who have similar or different art styles than you?

Something different, the whole point of a collaboration is to have two unique people come together to create something even more unique. You want people to get excited and not say here’s the same thing again, that’s just my opinion.

When you draw, do you start by knowing exactly what you want to see on the paper or screen, or do you kind of let your pen and creativity guide you?

I’d say for me it’s both. When I’m looking at my Instagram, I find that some of my work just happens like the Happy Birthday piece or Pink Medicine, but other ones I plan like the Pirate Girls photo.

What are your favorite things about your artwork?

I’d say it is the coloring, it is always the coloring. I also like adding the finishing touches to my art, it’s super fun to see how everything comes together when you add the extra details and be like yeah, I did that. Something I think I’m good at is eyes The eyes are something that I mainly focus on so I can try to get people to not focus on me not knowing what I’m doing (Kai laughs.) Eyes are such an important part and they are so beautiful.

Is there anything you would like to improve on?

Something I want to improve on is diversity in all aspects. I feel like my art is pretty repetitive. When you look at it, you kind of see the same faces in a different color palette. I’ll admit I have improved on my art style a lot but it’s still the same.

Do you feel like it’s because you are comfortable?

I find it difficult to leave what I’m comfortable with. I don’t like to make mistakes, and I’m a perfectionist with my work…sometimes, when I try something new, I feel like I’m copying off of someone else and it loses originality.

Do you ever find yourself running into a creativity block, and if so, how do you get out of it?

An art block, that actually used to be my last username, but yes, I find myself in an art block a lot. I’m probably not the person to be asking for advice on this but what I like to do is go up to people and ask what I should draw because it presents a challenge. Or I go on Tumblr and look at pictures. I also have a list of things I would like to try.

How do you think I did on my attempt to draw your artwork? You can be honest with me.

I like it, a lot. I think you did really good, and I can tell a lot of time was put into it. I think you did well with the small details.

What would your advice be to anyone who is looking to get started with finding their own art style that’s unique to them?

Not everything is going to be original, in fact, nothing is original. So if you feel like your style is something similar to someone else’s, don’t beat yourself up about it. As long as you aren’t stealing and tracing and calling it your own, you’re doing just fine. Art is something that builds over time and that’s the best part, seeing how much you’ve developed. My advice would also be to draw for yourself, don’t draw for others because it’s your drawing, not theirs. You would never be happy with your art if you do it to please others.

Where can people check out your work?

I have Tumblr and Instagram, those are the only places I post my art. Tumblr and Instagram: @blossomsblock

Header Image Credit: Kai G.

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