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Fashion & Beauty

Exploring Sustainable Fashion Through 9 Unique Brands

Sustainable fashion has been a common topic recently especially with more information being available in regards to the negative effects of fast fashion. According to GoodOnYou, “Fast fashion can be defined as cheap, trendy clothing, that samples ideas from the catwalk or celebrity culture and turns them into garments in high street stores at breakneck…

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Let’s Talk Piercings

Piercings are one of those style staples that are always around no matter what the latest trend is. There are so many different ones you can get for your ear, face, or body and with that variety comes the opportunity for unique combinations. I’m not one for pain, but there is just something about piercings…

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The Lipstick Exception

I find it quite interesting how sometimes there are categories that we may respect and get but we may not want anything to do with. For example, someone could understand why someone else may enjoy a sci-fi series, but they don’t really get it themselves until they find that one show that becomes the exception.…

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Sense of Style

Everyone has a sense of style no matter how hard they try to deny it or say that they don’t. Some may think that they don’t have a sense of style because they don’t have certain outfits or looks that most people would be in to, but they still make decisions. They still choose to…

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I Don’t Do Heels

How would I classify my relationship with a pair of high-heeled shoes? We are friends, not quite good friends, but more than acquaintances. That’s progress I tell you because I used to not mess with a heel whatsoever. I considered them to be just shoes I would wear for a special occasion to a school…

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The Wonder of Wigs

Halloween Hair For Halloween, I somehow decided to be The Magnificent Mad Madam Mim from Disney’s The Sword in the Stone. My workplace is surprisingly very into Halloween and my department’s theme was Disney Villains. The villains that were avaliable to choose from along with my knowledge of Disney characters left me stuck on who…

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