Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty

27 May: What Kind Of Skincare Products Does Your Face Like?

Figuring out what your face likes in terms of skincare can sometimes feel like a difficult math problem. You have…

face masks
20 May: Face Masks: A Statement Piece of Practical Use

Fashion is truly an interesting concept. It’s very cyclical yet it’s constantly evolving based on the environment. When society and…

14 May: Let’s Talk Piercings

Piercings are one of those style staples that are always around no matter what the latest trend is. There are…

shopping bags
05 May: Check Out These 10 Shows For Fashion Inspiration

Fashion and television go hand and hand. It’s kind of hard not to notice what the characters are wearing when…

28 Apr: A Manicure for the Manicurist

When you think about it, there are so many beauty routines that you can do at home. There are countless…

clothing shop
18 Apr: Thrift Shops and Graphic Tees

Shopping can be a very interesting experience depending on how you do it. Personally, I’m more of an online shopper….

15 Apr: Style Topics That Make Sense: The Lipstick Exception

I find it quite interesting how sometimes there are categories that we may respect and get but we may not…

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29 Feb: Sense of Style

Everyone has a sense of style no matter how hard they try to deny it or say that they don’t….

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22 Dec: I Don’t Do Heels

How would I classify my relationship with a pair of high-heeled shoes? We are friends, not quite good friends, but…

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25 Nov: The Wonder of Wigs

Halloween Hair For Halloween, I somehow decided to be The Magnificent Mad Madam Mim from Disney’s The Sword in the…