Flip Your Fall Wardrobe With These Patterned Sweaters

Flip Your Fall Wardrobe With These Patterned Sweaters

patterned sweaters

Sweaters are one of the most common fashion items that make up a fall wardrobe checklist. They are comfortable, warm, and cute so it’s no wonder people often stock up on their favorite wool, cotton, or knit sweaters in every color. You don’t really mess with a fall classic like a solid color sweater because they don’t go out of style, but there is always an exception. A solid color sweater is always nice to have on hand, but a patterned sweater will flip your fall wardrobe upside down for the better.

Normally sweaters with patterns are seen as ugly, but patterned sweaters can provide a unique spin to your fall attire due to their interesting designs and fun colors. Some patterns are more common than others like stripes and plaid, while others are more non-traditional like patchwork and lightning bolts. Whatever the pattern may be, having one or two sweaters that are a little busy can make your fall wardrobe a lot more interesting and fun to play around with.

Dunce Knit Sweater from The Ragged Priest

patterned sweater
The Ragged Priest

A fun patchwork sweater in bright colors. Something a little different then your normal olives greens and beiges.

Bored Cropped Sweater from Collusion

patterned sweater

A sweater that can say exactly what you might be feeling.

Striped Sweater from Fashion Union

Fashion Union

A traditional choice for when it comes to patterned sweaters. Stripes always create a classic look.

Black Check Sweater From Noisy May

Noisy May

This sweater provides a nice mix of classic, with the plaid pattern, and modern, with the cooler colors.

Leopard Print Oversized Sweater

Cheetah print is always on point. It’s a fun pattern that can work in any season.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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