From Acrylics to Gels, What’s Your Manicure Style?

From Acrylics to Gels, What’s Your Manicure Style?

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Manicures have come a long way from just choosing a nail polish color. There are a variety of application methods that can be taken into consideration when deciding on just how you should get your nails done. Some methods take a bit longer while others have longer-lasting results. You might just have to do a little experimenting to see which manicure style suits you the best. Whether you go with gels or acrylics, if done right, you’re bound to have a polished set of nails.

Traditional Manicure

The traditional manicure provides the perfect foundation for any nail style you choose. As someone who isn’t the best at doing nails, I find a traditional manicure to be easy to do consistently. Depending on how fancy you want to get, a manicure typically starts with a nail soak followed by some filing, buffing and cuticle nipping. It’s all about cleaning up your nails so you can start with a clean canvas to paint on. The hardest part of the whole process is picking out a polish color.


I go back and forth between acrylics and regular manicures. Acrylics not only provide additional length but also strengthen the nail. Acrylic nails combine a liquid and a powder to create a paste that can be applied to fake nails or natural nails. The mixture then hardens and forms a durable coating on top of the nail.

Creativity doesn’t only come in the form of choosing a nail polish color. The powder itself can be found in a variety of colors as opposed to the normal clear. You can also shape your acrylics in all types of ways from almond and stilletto to lipstick and round, the choice is yours.



Who hasn’t gotten a pack of press-on nails from Target or Walgreens before? My mom is a manicurist, and I guess she thought acrylics were a bit too grown, so before she actually gave me my first set of acrylics, I would sometimes wear press-on nails. I haven’t worn them in a while, but I’m really thinking about getting back into them. Press-ons are versatile and easy to apply. You can even look beyond the stores and check out one of the brands that specialize in press-on nails like Ethereally Touched Nails.


One key component of a gel manicure is the UV light needed to lock the polish onto the nail. Gels are a lot more flexible than acrylics. You usually don’t have to worry about the color fading or the polish chipping as you go about your business. I have the least experience with gels. Even though the process is quicker than acrylics, especially since it was over my natural nails, the look just didn’t stick for some reason. I will say the glossy appearance of gel nails is pretty satisfying.

gel manicure
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Nail Dip Powder

Nail dip powder is a manicure style that I’m experimenting with. I find the overall application process to be a lot quicker than acrylics as well as easier to pick up if you want to do it yourself. The DIY component of nail dip powder is illustrated through nail dip kits. The kits come with step by step instructions that indicate which liquid should be applied at each step. There are many different color powders to choose from and each kit usually comes in a specific color scheme, but there are some out there that feature colors that aren’t necessarily close on the color wheel.

Header Photo Credit: Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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