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How Do These Fashion Trends Make You Feel?

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Fashion trends are always popping up, especially for the summer. Some are pretty simple concepts that re-enter the fashion world while others are interesting takes and adaptions to previous trends. Considering the broad range of fashion trends that can appear, it’s pretty easy to understand why some people embrace some trends while kicking others trends out the door. Not all fashion trends evoke the same kind of emotions. With that being said, here are 10 summer fashion trends to see how you truly feel.

Luxury Headbands

fashion trends
Photo by HILLARY DISANTOS from Pexels

If you are looking to crown your head with jewels, pearls, satin, and suede, then luxury headbands are a trend you should look into. Luxury headbands are wider than your standard headband and come in a lot of different designs.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? I am not against luxury headbands, but I’m also not particularly a fan. The wide headbands are a bit chunky for me, but I do like the headbands that come in a thinner width with all the same glitz and glam.

Basketball Purses

I feel like the trend of converting items into bags never goes out of style. Basketball bags have been popping up all over the place. I’ve even mentioned them as a great alternative to the classic summer woven bag. These innovative bags can be seen in a variety of colors from a more traditional Spalding orange to baby pink. They often have chains that you can hang on your shoulder or wider handles to carry around.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? I am all for the basketball bag trend. I think they provide such a cute and interesting way to carry all of your stuff around.

Oversized Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves appear in many different styles. They can be found in dresses or shirts, in long sleeves or short, and in a variety of patterns. Some puffy sleeves are more flowy while others are a bit more structured and rigid. You can wear them to an amusement park and match the characters or out to a fun night event, the choice is yours.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? Puff sleeves seem to find themselves in and out of my wardrobe. I love how dramatic they look and that you can dress them up or dress them down. Puff sleeves look good with sneakers or heels plus the sleeve variety is amazing.

Square Toed Heels

Square-toed heels can be found on almost every fashion website. You can find them in fun bright colors or classic neutrals and they are often accompanied by strappy details. If you’re looking for a heel that adds a different touch to your outfit from the ordinary pointy-toe heel, then look no further because a square-toe heel will add that extra oomph you’re looking for.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? I am pretty neutral on square-toed heels. I’m not a huge heel fan in general, but I think these provide an interesting take on heels plus they look more comfortable than a pointy or rounded-toe heel.

Soft Handbags

Soft handbags are super plush and oversized bags. They have a rounder shape and a more cinched opening as opposed to the oversized paper bag handbags that are more square in shape. Due to the plushness of these bags, there is a lot more room and flexibility when it comes to fitting more items in them when comparing them to a normal, more structured bag.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? I think I’ll have to see soft handbags in motion a bit more. Structure bags are more up my alley. I love and prefer smaller bags so if I were to venture into soft handbags, I would probably search for a smaller one that’s a bit sturdier.

Tied-Up Ankles

Tying your laces or straps around your pants is an interesting trend. I feel like this is something you accidentally stumble upon when you’re in a hurry and you’re putting your shoes on. Despite the stumbled-up nature of the look, it can make an outfit look more put together.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? I actually like pants that cinch in at the ankles. I find them to be very flattering especially when worn with boots. This trend is just accomplishing that look in a different way.

Short Suits

Pantsuits are classic, but short suits provide more flexibility and moving room. Like a normal suit, a short suit includes a jacket or a blazer, but the sleeve lengths also come in different variations. There are some suits that come with shorter-sleeved jackets while others come with quarter-length sleeves. Short suits also have the same fun of mixing and matching between the jackets and bottoms for a more unique look.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? Short suits aren’t something in fashion I often pay attention to, but I see the appeal. Suits make you look polished and well put together without all the effort of picking out separate pieces. I do find printed short suits to be something I would like to try.

Babydoll Dresses

Babydoll dresses are another fashion trend that provides a great amount of versatility. You can keep it simple with a linen dress, or you can take it up a notch and add multiple layers of ruffles. The babydoll dress is your oyster. These dresses are also super light and flowy which makes them great to wear in the summer heat.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? Babydoll dresses are so cute and feminine. I am a huge fan of flowy dresses, so babydoll dresses are alright in my book.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are making their way back into the limelight. If you’re looking for a nice middle ground, then Bermuda shorts are perfect. They provide more coverage than actual shorts, but they are also a lot more comfortable in the summer weather than pants or capris.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? This fashion trend is one I prefer in denim form. I like Bermuda shorts used in a more casual and informal way. The ones that look similar to slacks are not my favorite so it all depends on the material that’s being used.

Colorful Sneakers

fashion trends
Photo by Grailify on Unsplash

Colorful sneakers are always a fashion trend, but bright neons and pastels have been making more of an appearance. Nike Air Forces is a shoe that comes to mind when mentioning the inclusion of a variety of colors on sneakers. These vibrant shoes offer a lot of versatility and playfulness when it comes to fashion.

How Do We Feel About This Trend? I like the look of colorful sneakers whether it be with a more casual and simple outfit or an outfit that is just as fun and colorful as the shoes themselves.

So, how are you feeling? Would you incorporate any of these trends into your wardrobe? Share in the comments!

Header Image Credit: Photo by Atiya Walker on Unsplash

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