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How Face Masks Became a Practical Style Statement

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Fashion is truly an interesting concept. It’s very cyclical yet it’s constantly evolving based on the environment. When society and that environment takes a particular interest in things, fashion decides to take a deeper look to see if its something that people will want to wear. Is it trendy? Is it cute? Does it make a statement? Outside of the basics, every new item introduced goes through a period where these questions have to be answered. On the other hand, there are items made for functionality rather than for the fashion world. Now the questions revolve around the item instead of the item revolving around the questions since functionality is most important. Face masks are one of those items.

With everything going on currently with COVID-19 along with efforts to stop the spread, people have been advised to wear face masks. Since more people are wearing masks along with health care workers and essential workers, there is a large demand and need for more face masks. That’s where creativity comes in. There are now a ton of resources for people to get masks. Retailers, fashion brands, fashion designers, and those who are just looking to help have made face masks more accessible. Of course, since its something to wear, other elements have been taken into consideration such as design and patterns so that these face masks are not only functional but fashionable.

Trendy and Popular Fashion Retailers

There are many fashion retailers who have decided to add face masks to their online inventory. Some of them are pretty normal face masks that are similar to the disposable ones whereas others are a lot more vibrant and bright. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Nordstrom: Nordstrom has cotton face masks for sale on their website. They come in a bundle of 6 and can be purchased in white or black, neutral colors, for $24. The face masks have been described with more functional as opposed to fashionable descriptive words such as reusable, enough coverage, tightly fitted, and washable.
  • Forever 21: Forever 21 has single non-medical use face masks for sale for $5. They also mentioned how each mask comes in a unique design that covers the entire mask along with the self-tie ear straps. With each mask purchased,
  • Fashion Nova: Fashion Nova has a variety of solid colors and printed masks available on their website for purchase for $5.99. They have specified that their masks were “made with both fashion and function in mind.” Each mask was made with soft fabrics and earloops for a tight fit. They also include an image of suggested outfits to match the mask.
  • Old Navy: You can pick up a variety pack of 5 masks for $12.50 from Old Navy. In the product details, they specify that their masks are reusable, for personal use only. The masks were designed to follow the CDC recommendations for non-medical grade face masks. You can find them in an assortment of colors, designs, and patterns.

Designers Get Creative

Retailers aren’t the only ones looking to make this purposeful item more fashionable. With the shortage of PPE, fashion designers have also switched gears to help produce more face masks. It’s interesting to see how the fabrics that are normally used for high-quality clothing and accessories are now being used for face masks. Since masks are wearable items, many designers have created designs and patterns that are specifically unique to their brand. Check out a few designers who have made face masks a part of their collections:

Studio 189

Studio 189 has a variety of uniquely designed breathable cotton face masks for $20. Each mask comes with a compartment for filters and cotton straps for a nice fit. These masks are also reusable and washable.


Diop’s face masks are designed a little differently than the norm. Their masks have a two-strap design that fits around the head as opposed to around the ears. These non-medical grade masks include 3 layers of 100% cotton and come in different patterns.

Sanctuary Clothing

Sanctuary Clothing’s unisex face masks include a double layer and a filter. These 100% cotton masks come in an assortment of patterns.

Make Your Own

If you are looking to make your own face mask from items you have at home, there are tutorials available on YouTube to help guide you through the process. Leftover fabric, pillowcases, and T-shirts are some of the materials that can be used along with hair-tyes and rubber bands. You don’t even have to own a sewing machine or know how to sew.

Header Image Credit: Unsplash

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