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How to Create Your Own Tea Party

What’s the main item needed for a tea party? Tea! And who doesn’t love tea! Tea parties are pretty simple to put together when you think about it. All you really need is a great selection of tea, some food, and a place to sit down and drink. There are, however, a few finer details that one might think of when creating a full tea party experience. Don’t you fret, we have a few tips that will help put those finer details into place.

Choose Your Menu

Tea party

What’s the one thing that you need to really get a tea party together? Tea! There are so many different types of tea out there, you’ll have no trouble finding the right selection for you and your guests. Food is another important component. Tea parties are known for their light dainty finger foods like cucumber sandwiches and side salads. Pastries are also very characteristic of tea parties. Teacakes are a given, but little fluffy cakes and tarts are also nice choices.

Set Your Table

A nice place to start off with your table setting is a color scheme. My aunt chose a silver tablecloth and a blue table runner to match the dishware. Choosing a color to compliment your dishware is a great choice and it gives you somewhere to start. Place settings are also nice to have for the full experience. Salad plates, dinner plates, teacups and saucers, salad forks, dinner forks, spoons, water glasses, wine glasses, and the list goes on and on. Smaller place settings are another option that works just as well. You really just need a plate, a teacup, and a fork.

Pick Out Your Outfit

What does one wear to a tea party? Well, you can really wear anything you want to but if you want to fit the particular theme of the event, here are a few tips.

Accessories worn to tea parties are just as important as the dress, if not more. The gloves, the pearls, the hat, they all make a statement. I pretty much got my entire ensemble from Amazon because I needed everything quite quickly, but there are other fashionable sites that have the items you may need to put your outfit together. The dresses that are often worn to tea parties are flowy, floral, and in pastel colors. That’s more of a traditional outlook on tea party wear, but it’s always nice to venture outside the box and wear what represents you. My dress is a lot more modern and colorful even though it has a similar style and cut to what is normally worn.

I think I can confidently say that we all enjoyed ourselves and my aunt did an amazing job with coordinating everything. Themes are quite fun.

Header Image Credit: Photo by fu zhichao from Pexels

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