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How to Style 4 Different Purses from Aldo

Aldo has got to be one of my favorite purse brands. I find their purses to be so fun, bright, and energetic, and let’s not forget cute and affordable. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs so versatility is never a problem. Backpacks are something they also include in their collections, so if you need a bit more space there are options. Considering I have more than a few Aldo bags in my closet, I decided to have some fun with 4 different purses and my clothes. I present to you 4 different Aldo purses styled in 4 different ways.

Neon yellow crossbody

Who doesn’t love neon colors? Aldo has neon on lock, just take a look at this yellow crossbody. I personally love seeing bright colors in general with more muted or natural colors which is why I paired it with some tan and brown plaid pants, black boots, a black long-sleeve v-neck shirt and to top it all off a neon yellow blazer. It’s giving you corporate but with a pop.

White circle Aldo crossbody
White circle crossbody

The main thing that drew me to this crossbody was the shape. A rectangular shape is pretty common with purses, but circles are starting to pop up too especially in wicker bags. Considering a white handbag can pretty much go with anything, I decided to go a little heavy on the prints with this one. I have on a brown, black, and green striped shirt and then the boots are pretty multi-patterned themselves with the houndstooth and plaid. A Black zip-up dress and black tights tie everything together.

Aldo Cheetah print Crossbody
Cheetah print crossbody

As you can probably tell, I love a small crossbody and Aldo has so many to choose from. This outfit is pretty simple but cute. We have the cheetah print crossbody and, keep your composure when I tell you, the cheetah print boots which also happen to be from Aldo. I love their boots too because they do well with the block heel which is pretty much all I wear when it comes to heels. This outfit is perfect for fall considering the fuzzy white sweater is oh-so very comfortable and the dark denim jeans provide a nice contrast.

Yellow Aldo Backpack
Yellow backpack

Can we say colorful and comfortable? There seems to be a lot going on with this outfit considering the number of colors involved but it works. We have the yellow Aldo backpack mixed with a pink Panther graphic tee and striped flare pants. I love it! It’s always fun and interesting when playing around with different colors and patterns. Fashion is all about experimenting and figuring out what you like best and as you can see I really like Aldo.

What are some of your favorite purse or handbag brands? Share in the comments!

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