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How To Style 4 Pieces from The Ragged Priest

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So, I was scrolling on the Explore page on Instagram when I came across these interesting-looking jeans. I’m always looking for new brands to try out, so without a second thought, I clicked the post to investigate where exactly these pants came from. I found out, that these unique-looking jeans came from a brand called The Ragged Priest. An interesting name for an interesting piece of clothing, am I right? At that point, I was pretty intrigued to see what else they had and I wasn’t disappointed. The Ragged Priest brand is full of colorful and fun pieces with sporadically placed lines and fascinating details. After considering the purchase of a few pieces multiple times, I decided to see how some of their clothing items looked up close and personal. Here are 4 pieces from The Ragged Priest, and how you can style them.

Inmate Pant from The Ragged Priest

The Inmate Pant from The Ragged Priest is a pair of green and black striped baggy joggers. The fun really comes into play with the drawstrings that have been replaced with chains. I’m assuming they are mainly for aesthetic purposes because they don’t really tighten anything, but the waistband is pretty tight as is, so there’s no use for it anyway. I paired these pants with a white tee, a silver chained necklace, and black sneakers with a black lip to match. Also, take note of the silver hoops, they complete any look.

Aggy Dress from The Ragged Priest

The Aggy Dress is so versatile. I’ve worn it casually with some sneakers and as you can see from these pictures, it looks great dressed up too. What made me interested in the dress was the patchwork and the mesh detail at the neckline. I also like the use of bright colors, so to compliment them, I chose even brighter accessories like hot pink lipstick and neon green sunglasses. The black choker, silver and clear heels, and silver earrings provided extra balance.

Diggity Dress from The Ragged Priest
Diggity Dress from The Ragged Priest

I love the alternating pink and purple plaid on the Diggity Dress! It’s a fun concept that provides just enough oomph needed for any wardrobe. I couldn’t let the fun patterns stop at the dress, so I decided to pair it up with my black and white hound-tooth boots. Something else that I really appreciate about this dress is the big silver zipper. I love zippers on anything, so I especially like it when they are really noticeable. The choice of silver accessories with a black lip really tied the outfit together.

Blister Flares from The Ragged Priest
Blister Flares from The Ragged Priest

The Blister Flares were the piece that kind of convinced me to go ahead and make my purchase. I loved the use of the different colors and the sizes of the stripes. One thing I was surprised about was how comfortable they were, which is the main reason for me not minding that they run a little big. I kept this outfit very casual with a purple v-neck t-shirt and matching hat, my orange crocs, and a few simple pieces of silver jewelry.


Brooke Berry
November 10, 2022 at 1:09 pm

Thanks for posting this.
This is really good.
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