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How To Style 4 Sneakers from Puma

Everyone who knows me knows that Puma is my favorite sneaker brand. Their shoes are the perfect mix of athletic yet fashionable, which means that you can also wear them in so many different ways. Puma has always had a strong classic brand featuring iconic footwear. It’s definitely earned its spot in pop culture as well. The classic suede sneaker was practically its own character in the Netflix show, The Getdown.

Funny enough I don’t have a pair of the classic suedes, but I do have a few other pairs of Pumas I would love to show you.


My favorite thing about this outfit? Well, the colors of course! We have an array of warm fall colors, provided nicely by a short-sleeve, vertically striped shirt, that the burgundy-grape Pumas and the coral color joggers both pull from. Gold accessories were a must.

I think this outfit truly screams fun! You got the light-washed overalls and the periwinkle platform Pumas, and how can we forget the Rugrats racerback tee to tie it all together. Perfection I must say

Puma platform sneaker

This outfit is a bit more simple which helps the shoes stand out even more if you ask me. We have a beige velour sweatsuit paired with olive green and pink Pumas. These shoes are an interesting pair, not only because of the color combination but also because of the unique design of the laces

I feel like this pair of sneakers is my fancier pair. They are a little more refined with the gold detailing amongst all black and I love it. I like to pair it with other black items, or something a little brighter and bolder like a bright yellow sweater with big bows. They work in so many different ways.


2Photo by Maria Fernanda Pissioli on Unsplash

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