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Looking Into Sestra Style With Orphan Black

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Orphan Black is a Canadian Sci-fi television series that revolves around a group of illegal human clones also known as the Leda Clones. The series stars Tatiana Maslany. I, for one, love shows and movies where actors and actresses get to play multiple characters. When you think about it, that has to be an actor’s playground because there is so much you can do within one project. Orphan Black is the series that introduced me to the sci-fi genre. I had no interest in watching sci-fi series before, but now I’m more open and interested in other shows and movies within this genre.

Tatiana Maslany
Tatiana Maslany
Image by Gage Skidmore

What makes Orphan Black so interesting is that each clone has a different personality, background and style. They all look similar to one another since, you know, they are clones, but you can tell that each clone is their own person. I think they have similar characteristics between each other like being very determined in what they do, but there are also differences. Those differences make up their own individual sestra style.

Sestra = Sister


Sarah Orphan black

I’ll be honest, I didn’t start liking Sarah until season 4, but I do appreciate her edgy style. For some reason, I normally don’t like the lead character in shows but Sarah is also super stubborn so that could be it too. Her outfits mainly consisted of punk-rock elements such as combat boots and leather jackets with smudgy makeup. Sarah also wore a lot of red and black.


Helena Orphan Black

Helena is tied with Alison as my favorite Leda clone. I can’t decide between the two. Helena is the wild card and her style reflects that. She doesn’t have a defined style like her twin sister Sarah, but she makes each outfit her own. What she wears depends on whatever her sestras have for her and what situation she is in. Sometimes that may be a furry hooded jacket or one of those furry trapper hats.


alison orphan black

I feel like Alison is the type of character where you think you know what to expect with her but then she surprises you. Alison has a type-A personality where she is very organized and meticulous. Her wardrobe has a lot of pastel-colored collared shirts and argyle sweaters. Even though Alison is one of my favorite characters, I think her style is the one I relate to the least. She did, however, have a little style change in the last season. Her clothing choices went from preppy to carefree and it was kind of similar to Cosima’s style.


Cosima Orphan Black

While watching Orphan Black, Cosima was the only clone that I completely forgot it was Tatiana playing her. Cosima’s style is very eclectic and bohemian chic. She wears a lot of burgundy and deep rich red tones. You can find her in scarves and dresses when she isn’t in her lab coat. Not only do her dreads set her apart from her sestras, but her cool attitude does too. Cosima is a lot more open and considerate of others too.


rachel orphan black

I’m pretty neutral when it comes to Rachel. I feel like she had a purpose and she served it very well considering that sometimes all siblings do not get along. Rachel is a little cold and distant mainly due to how she is raised so you won’t really see her wearing the brightest of colors. You’ll see Rachel wearing a lot of dresses in neutral colors, especially black and white. She has a sleek, sophisticated and professional style.


Krystal Orphan Black

Even though Krystal didn’t appear as often in the series, she is one of my favorite characters. Krystal is often seen as a little ditzy, but she is also witty and charismatic. She always seemed to have the missing piece to the puzzle whenever she made an appearance. I would describe Krystal’s style as 2000’s It Girl Glam with her handbags, fur coats and Juicy Couture-like sweat suits.

If you haven’t seen Orphan Black, I highly suggest you watch the series and join the Clone Club. It is a wonderful show that gives you the laughs, the tears, and the gasps of disbelief.

If you have seen Orphan Black, who is the clone you relate to the most? Share in the comments!

Image Credit: Alexjumper15 on Flickr, BBC America and Orphan Black


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