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Novice Plays: Ring Fit Adventure Review

In this episode of Novice Plays, I will be talking all about Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch. If you read my detailed explanation on why I may or may not be good at Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you would know that action/adventure games are not my forfeit, but you know what is? Exercise games! I love a good exercise game because it keeps me occupied and entertained, unlike exercise equipment.

Give Me All The Details

Ring Fit Adventure is a one-part adventure game and a one-part workout game. You, the player, are on a quest that spans multiple levels and interesting worlds to beat a bodybuilding dragon. Now, if you aren’t up for the whole adventure thing, that’s okay because you can also access quick play which will allow you to dive right into the action with challenges and minigames. Ring Fit Adventure also allows for great customization not only in the adventure game itself, where you can choose the level at which you want to play, but you can also create customizable workouts that are the best fit for you and your exercising needs.

Let The Games Begin

The game starts out with an introduction to your new best friend and guide Ring. The Ring in the game is pretty much an animated representation of the ring used for the actual workouts. It also comes with a handy dandy leg strap. The game does a great job of gradually introducing you to the different types of exercises. This is really helpful for those of us who are out of shape. You aren’t just thrown to the wolves. The exercises that you choose are used to defeat the monsters, so you know, choose wisely. One thing that I really wasn’t expecting about this game, is that it will make you sore. The day after I first played, I got up wondering why my legs hurt. That pain leads me to want to play the game even more.

There are four different categories that target different muscle groups. Those categories are legs, arms, abs, and yoga. Within each category, there are different levels to the exercises that will provide a certain fight level when it comes to dealing with monsters. I have to be honest, the leg category is my least favorite, but I still try to include one of each category. Sometimes, there are areas where a certain category will help you out more than others. I don’t know how I didn’t notice this when I first started playing because it will literally tell you. The game would have probably been a lot easier. I really enjoy the arm and abdominal categories, and I find myself using those actions more than others. Along with all of the jogging, you will do, if you pick the right actions, a full-body workout is completely possible.

Toss That Boring Workout to the Side

Let’s revisit that bodybuilding dragon for a moment. He goes by the name of Dragaux and his little comments during battle are pretty funny for a game. I guess Ring and Dragaux used to be friends and then he stole all of Ring’s powers, so there’s no telling if they can come back from that. Most of the time, I do skip the dialogue with other characters throughout the game, but Dragaux is pretty dramatic so I like to read his. Even though I may find Dragaux to be a bit entertaining, I find his little friends, the monsters, to be annoying sometimes. When battling the different monsters, some take a lot more to defeat than others. There were moments where I had to question the game because here I was giving my all and there they were, still standing there. I need more alliances.

Ring Fit Adventure has been a fixture in my weekly workout routines since I got it. I find the game to be entertaining but also challenging. It provides a nice variety of exercises which is greatly appreciated especially if you are looking to target a specific area. If you decide to play, don’t say I didn’t warn you. You will be sore. Enjoy!

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