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Put Some Pep in your Step with A Dance Break

Are you someone like me who gradually grew to love dancing? I wasn’t ever really against it but it wasn’t something that I just found myself wanting to do. Now, I absolutely love to dance, and I find myself having a dance break whenever the moment presents itself.

Dancing is such a fun, feel-good activity that it actually releases neurochemicals: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. These neurochemicals work together to produce that feel-good moment according to the Greater Good Science Center. I find that when I start dancing, whether it be just because or for a specific reason, it completely uplifts my mood. This is why dancing is the perfect remedy for adding a little pep to your step when needed. Sometimes that remedy is needed at random times so you may be wondering when could I possibly squeeze in a dance break. Well, let me give you a few ideas. There are plenty of opportunities to break out in dance when you need to.

Eat Your Favorite Food


I find it hard not to dance when I’m eating something that I really like. Food is something that can boost your mood also, so its no wonder people can’t help but move a little when they eat some really good food.

Listen to that One Song That Can’t Be Ignored


We all have that one song or maybe a few that come on and we don’t know how to stay still. Whether it be in a car, a club, or the store, when that song comes on, you get an uncontrollable smile on your face and your shoulders start doing their own thing. I listen to music a lot when I work and a song that I currently have on my playlist is Bola Rebola by J Balvin, Anita, and Tropkillaz. Every single time it comes on, I’m dancing in my seat without fail.

Break a Sweat At The Gym


Personally, I don’t really interact with the gym equipment, but I love going to the group classes. One of my favorite classes is a Dancefit class at the Las Vegas Athletic Club. Whenever I go, I always feel so productive. Between finding new music to add to my playlist, dancing, occasionally socializing and exercising I was pretty much multi-tasking during class. The choreography would be filled with tons of high-energy movements which allowed for a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Dancing makes exercise fun since it doesn’t actually feel like you’re exercising even though you’re still burning those calories. Exercise in general releases endorphins so that’s another reason why working out makes you feel good.

Clicking on One of Those YouTube Recommendations

Even though gyms in my area are back open, I have decided to stick to exercising in the comfort of my living room. There are tons of dancing videos on Youtube from step-by-step choreography to exercise routines. I used to love watching video after video of choreographers doing these fast-paced and intricate routines. It’s so interesting to watch because there could be 4 or more dancers in one video dancing all together, doing the same routine, but they each have their own dance styles.

Watching Amazing Dancers on Instagram

dance break on instagram
Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Watching dance videos on Instagram is my favorite thing to do on the app. There are so many talented and creative dancers all over the world. It’s hard not to stop the video a hundred times in order to try and get the steps down. While watching the videos, you can practically feel their passion for the art come through the screen. It’s very inspiring to see people do what they love to do.

A Dance Break Might Be Just What You Need

So whenever you feel like you need a little pick me up or something to boost your mood, just make your favorite dish or watch some dance videos. Within seconds, you’ll be dancing all across the room.

What are some things that make you get up and dance? Do you feel like dancing has an effect on your mood? Share in the comments!

Header Image Credit: Photo by Melody Jacob on Unsplash

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