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Styling 4 Items from the Brand Collusion

Collusion is a clothing brand that I found out about through ASOS. I first noticed it when I was looking to add more patterns to my wardrobe after getting bored with the solid-colored items cluttering up my closet. Collusion had just what I needed, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I appreciate that they have bold patterns with bright colors, but they do have those solid, dependable basics that every outfit needs too. I have quite a few Collusion items in my closet, but here are 4 really fun pieces that are perfect to play around with.

collusion jacket

First up, we have this orange and grey pinstriped jacket. It’s a cropped jacket but it’s also oversized at the same time, so it provides a nice amount of contrast. I also love the detail that the orange stripes provide. The stripes pop out even more accompanied by this orange turtle neck long-sleeved shirt that just so happens to also be from the brand. To further compliment the outfit, I paired the jacket with my small orange Telfar bag and silver accessories. You cannot forget the silver necklaces. I think all turtle neck shirts look great with slightly longer necklaces. We of course need some pants and shoes too even though they aren’t pictured. I often pair this jacket with light blue jeans and grey booties.

collusion dress

This is such a fun and exciting dress that can be styled in a variety of ways. I love the graphic collage prints with the splash of energetic colors. Since this dress is very “in your face” complete with a side zipper and slit, I went in the opposite direction when it came to shoes and accessories. I paired this number with black platform sandals and a couple of silver chains. Nothing too dramatic. I have to say the Seven Magic Mountains complement this outfit very well.

collusion jacket

One word that could be used to describe Collusion in the simplest way possible is: loud. I mean, I’m sure you can hear this jacket through the picture. I love neon colors, so when I saw this neon yellow and green marble windbreaker-like jacket, I had to snatch it up. What better to go with it than some white Pumas and equally as vibrant neon green socks. We also got the cuffed denim shorts, a basic white tee, and some silver accessories to tie everything together. The brightness from the jacket and the natural colors of, well, nature provide great contrast, don’t you think?

Collusion joggers

We have had a lot of silver, so let’s get some gold up in here. These are a pair of coral Collusion joggers that are so warm and so thick, they are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. I have found that joggers from Collusion are a hit or miss when it comes to sizing. I ordered another pair that was way too big even for a size small, they had to go back. These fit perfectly! They aren’t too big, nor too tight. I decided to pair these joggers with some burgundy-purple Puma sneakers and a colorful striped shirt. It actually screams fall the more I look at it. That gold comes into play in the form of an anklet and a chain.

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