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The Exception to Having No Makeup Skills

I find it quite interesting how sometimes there are categories that we may respect and get but we may not want anything to do with them. For example, someone could understand why someone else may enjoy a sci-fi series, but they don’t really get it themselves until they find that one show that becomes the exception. We’re not going to talk about television shows right now, but we are going to talk about makeup, more specifically lipstick. You may have read about my relationship with heels and how a great pair of block heels turned the shoe from my enemy into my friend. Well, this story is a little different because I actually like makeup but I love lipstick.

Makeup Application Requires Patience

I don’t know much about makeup, but I’m pretty sure patience is pretty important when it comes to applying it. Depending on your skill level or knowledge of application methods, a ten-minute routine could turn into two hours. My two main issues with makeup are that 1) sometimes it takes a long time to apply and 2) I don’t like stuff on my face, especially under my glasses. Lipstick eliminates all of that. I am actually pretty good at applying lipstick because I do wear it often so it doesn’t take long to apply plus, it’s nowhere near my eyes. I always have on lip gloss anyway, specifically Vaseline, so my lips are used to it anyway. Dry lips are a no.

The level of patience I have when applying lipstick also depends on the type and color. Glossy lipsticks require slightly less technique in my opinion. Depending on the brand, glossy lipsticks are easier to remove. You don’t have to remove the entire lip just because there’s a little bit in the corner where it doesn’t belong. Matte lipsticks on the other hand can be difficult little divas to deal with. They are nice to collaborate with when it comes to adding another element but they love to hang onto you. You wipe matte lipstick off and it’s still there the next morning but it’s cute so you deal with it.

Lipstick is Easy for Beginners

When I first started wearing lipstick, it was mainly the reds and pinks of the Wet N Wild brand from Walgreens. I was interested in wearing lipstick enough to purchase it, but I wasn’t too committed. I just really liked the way it looked and how it added a nice touch to what I was wearing. Reds and pinks are usually easy colors to start out with because they are expected and more common. Every lipstick brand has some kind of red and some kind of pink. They even have purples and browns but those reds and pinks are always there. I still like those reds and pinks, mainly the bright crimson red, but I have found that all makeup comes in every color of the color wheel.

The Sephora brand of lipstick has to be one of my favorite brands. It’s an $8 tube that comes in all different colors from Cash Money to Treat Yo Self. They even have my favorite shade of red which goes by the name of A Little Magic. I like the range they have and how long the product actually lasts. Another one of my favorites is the Stunna Lip Paint by Fenty in the color Uncuffed. This lip paint can go with anything and that’s one of the main reasons why I got it. Uncuffed reminds me of a nude, mauve and darker blush pink color all rolled into one.


There’s Always an Exception

You’ve heard a bit of how lipstick is the exception to me in terms of makeup. I can wear it all the time, and I don’t get bored with it, but with love comes a little dislike. The one lipstick that I can’t stand is the glittery kind. I’m not talking about the metallic ones or iridescent ones, but the good old-fashioned glittery lipsticks where you can actually feel the specs of glitter. The main reason why I don’t care for those specific types is that it’s just too noticeable. One of the best things about lipstick is that you don’t necessarily feel it on your lips. Glittery lipstick makes sure you know that its presence is there. I also don’t really care for orange tones. Orange lipsticks are interesting but it’s not the first shade I go to. I might need to dabble more with the color orange in general. This is making me realize I don’t really wear the color often unless it’s burnt orange. I can rock burnt orange whether it be in shoes, clothing, or lipsticks anytime not just in autumn.

There are usually exceptions to most things. Here, burnt orange, glittery lipsticks, and lipstick, in general, are all exceptions in their own way. I truly enjoy what lipstick brings to the table. It can provide you with as much change as you want it to just like any other element of makeup. What are some of your style exceptions or what’s a shade of lipstick that you just can’t deal with? Share in the comments below and let us know!

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