The Perfect Valentine’s Day Themed Outfit

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Themed Outfit

Valentine's day

The holiday centered around the theme of love is right around the corner, and that means it’s a perfect time to bring out all of your heart-patterned items and put them all together into one Valentine’sDay themed outfit. Nothing screams Valentine’s day more than shades of pink and red along with tons of differently sized hearts. Let’s be over the top, dramatic, and extra but in the cutest and most loving way possible. We got your heart-printed hats, your heart-shaped purses, and everything in between for this Valentine’s day fit.

The Inspiration

The Outfit

Oversized pink and red, checkerboard heart sweater – Heartwarmer Jumper from The Ragged Priest

Dark denim, bell bottom overalls – Nichole Lynel Fearless Overalls

The Accessories

Red heart-shaped sunnies with crystal and pearl detail – Be Mine Sunnies by NRODA

Light pink furry hat with burgundy hearts all over – Faux fur heart print hat from Asos

Pink heart-shaped crossbody bag – Coach Heart Crossbody

Rose gold earrings and rings – Pandora Valentine’s Day Collection

The Shoes

Red stilettos with an ombre effect and heart on the heel – Cupida Heels from Aldo

There is tons of inspiration out there for a nicely themed outfit for Valentine’s day considering the different stores that come out with collections for the holiday. Aldo, Converse, and Pandora. What do you plan to wear on Valentine’s day? You should be as dramatic or as simple as you want.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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