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The Wonder of Wigs

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Halloween Hair

For Halloween, I somehow decided to be The Magnificent Mad Madam Mim from Disney’s The Sword in the Stone. My workplace is surprisingly very into Halloween and my department’s theme was Disney Villains. The villains that were available to choose from along with my knowledge of Disney characters left me stuck on who to pick. I needed a convincing and villainous costume quickly so I went to the easiest place to find inspiration….my closet. Now Madam Mim’s color scheme is quite easy to replicate considering it mainly consists of varying shades of pink and purple, so she naturally became my chosen character. I had the purple sweater and the pink skirt, but I was missing one crucial element, the purple wig.

So like any other person who is searching for a lilac-colored wig, I hopped on the internet and headed straight to Amazon. I knew that Amazon would provide me with a wide selection to choose from and I can get it within a couple of days. My criteria for making a selection had very little to do with the wig itself. I wanted one that was obviously a nice purple shade, but my main deciding factor was the price. Since this was my first attempt at purchasing a wig, I didn’t want to spend too much and quality came in third on my list of things to look for.

It’s a Match!

The first wig I saw was an ombre pink and purple one. It was really cute but I wasn’t entirely sold. I then saw another one that was all purple in the same style as the first one. After looking through thousands (okay, maybe not that many) of choices, I decided to choose the one with the best customer reviews, which turned out to be the all-purple one. Searching for a wig was actually exciting and very interesting. I haven’t put too much thought into wearing wigs because I’m not the biggest hair person. I usually have my three main styles with some twists, braids, or faux locs in between. On the flip side, I have thought about changing my hair color from blonde to some other light color once or twice.

I haven’t actually touched my hair color, and although I’ve thought about it, I’ve been a bit hesitant. My natural hair color would be quite hard to get back and it’s one color I know works really well with my features. There was a slight incident once where a small patch of my hair was colored hot pink. It was barely noticeable though. That’s the only excitement I’ve had with hair color up until now. This purple wig working out could lead me to want to seriously explore more color options. My younger cousin uses wigs for protective styling, which a lot of people do especially to give their natural hair a break from any manipulation and handling. I know she will be happy to hear that my interest in wigs has grown.

The Try On

Anyone who has ordered something knows the anticipation that comes with waiting for a package. My wig was set to arrive a day before I had to wear it to work, so it had no choice but to cooperate with me. Looking at the package, I realized that I had not one wig cap. Thankfully the vendor conveniently included one. While inspecting it, I had some questions. Why was there lace? What is this strap for? Do I have to style it? I decided to just slap the wig on to see if I had something to work with……and I did! The color was poppin’ and so were my eyes. I did style it slightly. One shift to the right made my middle part a side part. That one little wig practically convinced me to just start purchasing every single color I could. A lime green one would really shake things up.

A Now Convinced Wig Novice

Wigs are something I want to explore more in terms of different colors, styles, and even different wig types. They provide flexibility while also being convenient to work with during the morning when you’re getting ready for work. Wigs also provide enough variation to explore different options without having to be committed to any one hairstyle or color. Between hair stylists, professionals, and Youtube videos, there are a great number of resources out there to help explain the difference between a lace front and a full frontal and what may work for whoever is wearing it. Styling is a whole different thing altogether though.

Of course, wigs aren’t a new thing, so who out there has experimented and explored the wonders of wigs? Who may be in the same boat as me and is more interested in trying wigs out? Leave a comment below and share!

Header Image Credit: Pixabay

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