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Tips for Making Closet Organization Work for You

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Organization can really make a difference when it comes to how a space works. Different spaces do different things for different people, so it’s interesting how no one organizational method looks the same.

That’s where tip #1 comes into play: traditional methods have their place so if it doesn’t work for you find one that does. With closet organization specifically, a traditional method could include neatly lined shoes, custom racks, and velvet hangers. Color coding is also a big one and I’ve even adopted those same techniques once upon a time, but they really didn’t stick. I had to make a few adjustments to make it work in my favor. Finding a method that really works for you will allow you to stick to it. You wouldn’t have to force yourself to keep it up. Keeping your closet organized will feel less like a chore and more like a natural step in your routine.

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A Little Motivation

Now, I think we can all agree that keeping your closet functional and manageable can be no fun task at times, so a little motivation may be in order. Reselling apps allow you to resell the items in your closet that no longer provide a purpose. You get some extra cash and someone else gets to enjoy your shirt. I’m going to be honest, selling your stuff does take a bit of work so be prepared for that commitment. You have to take pictures, set prices, and do a little negotiating, but your closet ends up having more space and your wallet, less.

Another way to re-purpose the items you no longer need is to donate them. There are many local and national organizations that take donations that you can either drop off or have picked up. It’s also a good idea to research who you are donating to and how they will be using your donations. Another good tactic is to combine both donating and reselling depending on how fast you are at throwing stuff out of your closet. Grab some containers, boxes, or bags and create a resell pile and a donation pile. Anything that doesn’t get purchased can be added to the donation pile.

One Small Tool That Makes a Big Difference

There are a variety of different tools, shelving units, and gadgets that can make your closet look like a pristine and clean dream, but one that remains tried and true is velvet hangers. I know I mentioned them as an element of a traditional organization, but trust me they work. Velvet hangers are known to take up less space than plastic and wooden hangers, so you can fit as much as you need to without the space looking bulky. I usually get my velvet hangers from stores like Ross or TJ Maxx where you can get them in a pack for a nice price. One other thing about velvet hangers is the different colors that they come in. You can choose whichever color matches your room or you could go with all-black for a sleek and refined look.

Another simple solution that can take your closet to a whole new level is utilizing plastic rectangular boxes like the ones from Target to hold your shoes. There are many benefits to using these boxes such as the fact that they are cheap, durable, spacious, easy to clean, and stackable. There’s usually enough room to fit any pair of shoes from a pair of booties to a nice set of heels. As long as it’s not too wide, your shoes should be fine. Labels would even come in handy for putting a small description on the front of the box, detailing which pair of shoes you can find inside. This is a great way to organize your shoes whether they are on a shelf or on the floor of your closet.

Are you looking forward to organizing your closet? It’s not as bad as it seems, I promise.

Photo by Lexy Lammerink on Unsplash

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