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Unique Art Styles to Explore on Instagram

Art is one thing that can truly allow people to express themselves. What I appreciate the most about it is that it allows you to be creative without any restrictions. My art skills are pretty limited to drawing weird-looking dogs, stars, and flowers, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to learn and improve, especially when I see amazing art done by those who have a true passion for it.

There are so many different art styles out there and each artist has one that is unique and special to them. Let’s take a look at some amazing artists and how their style is reflected through their art.


I love Frostelation’s use of bright colors and the diversity in her characters. Her style is very dreamy and cute!


Happilyrudderless takes the color lavender to a whole new level! I love how there is a story behind each one of their pins.

Coco Michele Illustrations

I love how clean and sharp Coco Michelle’s illustrations are. She illustrates the beauty of black women so nicely! If you are looking to have one of her illustrations, she also has an Etsy store.

Art By Leela

The resin ice bucket and coaster set is the first picture I saw of Leela’s and I was in awe. Her handmade pieces are truly one of a kind!


I feel like Cornelia’s drawings could pop up on tv at any second because each drawing seems like it has a story to tell. There is so much detail put into each character, but I especially like their facial expressions!

Zola Art Factory

Brittany Anne’s artwork is so beautiful! I love the fashion and style that is present in her illustrations. I also find it cool that she has her own coloring book!


Solostration’s “baddie” spin on art is so fun and colorful! If you are wondering how some of your favorite cartoon characters would look as baddies, Solostrations is the page to visit.

Reyna Noriega

I agree 100% with Reyna’s statement that “creativity is a superpower.” The use of different patterns, colors, and shapes in her artwork is really interesting. You can check out more of Reyna’s work including her collaborations here.

Header Image Credit: Retha Ferguson from Pexels

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