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What Does the Word Style Mean to You?

Everyone has a sense of style no matter how hard they try to deny it or say they don’t. Some may think that they don’t have a sense of style because they don’t have certain outfits or looks that most people would be into, but they still make decisions. They still choose to wear a yellow shirt over a green one or a jean jacket instead of a hoodie. Those decisions that people choose to make in terms of what they do, how they look, or what they wear make up their own sense of style.

Define Style on Your Terms

We are going to start with a simple definition for our foundation. According to Merriam-Webster style is “a distinctive manner of expression.” When the word style is used, it’s often associated with fashion and beauty, but style is so much more than that. It can be in reference to fashion, beauty, cooking, travel, listening to music, and of course skills. We have different learning styles, different ways we approach things, and even different styles of communication. What you choose to do and how you choose to do something influences your very own style in every avenue.

I define my style in a very undefined way. My fashion sense is always changing, and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t follow the latest trends. We will however tackle trends in a different way on Style Exploration. My style is constantly changing because I love to explore new areas and try new things. My openness to exploration is something that I use to express myself and the things that I am interested in.

What Influences Your Style

The way we choose to shop and where we shop also influence our style. I’ve grown to be more of an online shopper who barely likes to go to physical retail stores, but I also see the benefits of both. Do you prefer the security of being in an actual location where you can try on clothing and directly talk to associates? Or do you like the risky nature of online stores? Do you have the patience to shop in-store or is online shopping more versatile? Do you always purchase new clothing or are thrift stores and consignment shops more up your alley? Maybe you find something that speaks to you wherever you go.

There are also unfamiliar areas of your style that you may be open to exploring more of. I’m looking to explore more of my beauty style in terms of makeup and incorporating more natural products into my beauty regimen. Makeup hasn’t really been on my radar, but it’s something that I think looks beautiful and cool. The use of different colors and brush techniques to create a unique and cohesive look is interesting to see. Lipstick, however, is something that I completely embrace. It’s the one makeup item that I can always depend on. Makeup is a whole world of discovery for me. There is always room for discovery and exploration.

Help Wanted: Find a Hobby

Another component of style we are going to discuss and discover here at Style Exploration has to do with the adventure element. Adventuring into different hobbies, skills, and activities can bring a whole new dimension to someone’s style and help shape it even further. When it comes to having an established and consistent hobby that I continuously practice or participate in, I am an amateur. I admit that I get bored rather easily, so while I may be starting and enjoying hobby A, I may see something that intrigues me about Hobby B and then Hobby A just moves over a little bit to make room. I say all of that to actually say that I want a hobby, but the tricky part is finding something I’m interested enough in to be consistent. For now, I’ll consider my hobby to be trying stuff. Activities, hobbies, and skills are all essential when it comes to experiencing new things and learning in different environments and from different people.

I want to encourage you to think about how you would describe yourself. You might have a solid definition of what that may be or you may not and either are perfectly fine. A person’s style is always evolving and changing. How would you describe your sense of style? Share in the comments!

Photo by Luis Gonzalez

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