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What to Do When You Aren’t a Fan of Heels

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How would I classify my relationship with a pair of high-heeled shoes? We are friends, not quite good friends, but more than acquaintances. That’s progress because I used to not mess with a heel whatsoever. I considered them to be just shoes I would wear for a special occasion, to a school dance, or something of that nature. Flats or Mary Jane’s were more of my go-to shoes for when a sneaker or sandal wouldn’t do. Heels weren’t even in the discussion unless it was a wedge. My feelings towards heels were that they looked nice, but why go through all that trouble for something that hurt to walk in? I just didn’t get it.

Heels vs. Sneakers

I then started my first job out of college in the corporate world. The dress code was the usual, business casual, although my job does allow us to wear jeans and sandals which is absolutely lovely. When I thought of anything business casual, a picture of slacks or a pencil skirt, a blouse, and a pair of heels immediately popped up. My wardrobe at that moment did not fit that mold and it still doesn’t, but I had to make some adjustments since my clothing was a bit out there. We’ll talk about my corporate world attire at a different time, but my point is, that I needed some professional shoes and I was slowly growing tired of regular old flats.

In my search for a good pair of heels, I decided to stop at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and DSW. I do remember finding these chic Calvin Klein pointed-toe shoes with gold and black heels to match. I can’t remember the exact style of the heel, but I do remember that they were super comfortable. TJ Maxx was the first store I went to so I didn’t want to commit to something so soon, so I put the shoes back. Now, if any of you have been to a TJ Maxx, Ross, or Marshalls, you know the system, if you see something, buy it right then and there because if you go back for it, 9 times out of 10 it will not be there waiting for you. That is exactly what happened. I really wanted those shoes because they were cute and comfortable, but they had vanished without a trace.

I didn’t have much luck anywhere else until I stopped at DSW. Truthfully speaking, when I go inside a DSW store, I head straight to the back where the clearance section is. Looking through the aisles, there were actually quite a few options for me to choose from. I suddenly came across these black block heel shoes that laced up the leg. There began my love for a nice block-heeled shoe.

Finding Your Favorite Type of Heels

I figured this was a nice starting point you know. Block heels provided comfort and stability, which is very needed considering I might be slightly clumsy. It was a great shoe to assist me in building a foundation for wearing heels more. I then proceeded to get a few other pairs to add a bit of variety to my work outfits. The heels I wear to work are probably 3 inches tall. That’s just enough to make me feel like I have a certain oomph to my walk. I have stepped up my heel height game an additional two inches for when I go out with a strappy number on, but the ultimate height comes in the form of a boot.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

I love love love a good chunky high-heeled boot whether that be in a thigh-high form or ankle booties, they are all good in my book. Aldo is one of the main stores that I go to for boots because 1) they’re sturdy and 2) Aldo has a wide selection of unique and fun designs. Boots in general are also very versatile shoes. You can dress them up with a skirt or you can dress them down with some jeans. Boots can also be worn all year round so they are great for all seasons depending on the make.

I Guess Heels Have Perks

I’ll admit it, heels have their perks. Some are very stylish yet very comfortable, so I see the benefit of wearing them. When it comes to heels, I think it all comes down to finding the perfect introduction shoe for you. Sometimes you may have to ease into wearing them or other times a 6-inch stiletto is a perfect choice. Whatever your heel path may be, it’s important to remember to go at your own pace and take the time to understand what you like when it comes to shoes and what makes you comfortable. Share in the comments what makes a great pair of heels for you.

Header Image Credit: Pixabay

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