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What to Do When You Have Nothing to Wear

What five words have been muttered in aggravation while searching through closets everywhere? “I have nothing to wear.” I may have even said them myself once or twice. There could be many reasons as to why one may feel like they have nothing to wear. For example, being in a rush to find something to wear can completely make all your good ideas vanish because of the pressure. Then there’s also the possibility of ignoring pieces that could work but don’t because they are not your favorites. Whatever the reason may be, it could be taking away from you realizing that your wardrobe has more potential then you’re giving it credit for. Sometimes you have to explore your closet from a few different angles to really see how easy utilizing your wardrobe can be.

Challenge Yourself With A Monochromatic Fit

I think styling a monochromatic outfit can provide a nice challenge because not all colors go together even if they are in the same family. Just because this shirt and those pants are both green, it doesn’t mean they go together. Monochromatic outfits are fun to work with and it gives you the perfect opportunity to examine what’s in your closet. Sometimes we focus more on certain colors especially if it’s our favorite or if its a specific season, so putting together a monochromatic outfit can really help you with utilizing your wardrobe to its full potential while also exploring color in fashion in a different way.

Let The Problem Be The Answer

Procrastination can really bring out your creativity. As mentioned before, picking out something to wear at the last minute can be an issue because of the time crunch, but it can also be the answer. When you’re trying to pick out an outfit in a rush, it’s like your mind goes into overdrive and takes inventory of everything in your closet. You start remembering different pieces that you haven’t worn before which gives the rest of your closet more exposure. Pairing up random pieces can really lead you to some great choices because it doesn’t give you time to overthink. Some of my favorite outfits have come from picking out something 10 minutes before having to go to the car. Let your procrastination lead you to unknown places in your closet. It’s like finding an outfit that’s accidentally cute.

Put On A Runway Show Featuring Yourself

Moving on to method #2. Trying on all of your clothes on a runway, fashion show style can be a great technique when it comes to understanding how to utilize your wardrobe. This method kind of works hand and hand with decluttering your closet because whatever clothing you find that you don’t actually enjoy can be donated or sold through one of the many reselling apps out there. This method really gives you the opportunity to dig through your closet and revisit every piece of clothing you have but in a fun way.

To Trend Or Not To Trend

Fashion is cyclical so new trends are always popping up. Exploring trends can provide the perfect roadmap to rediscovering what’s in your closet. No one said you have to follow them or keep up with them, but glancing at current trends is another way to figure out what you do and do not like. Knowing what you like when it comes to your fashion style can lead you to making your wardrobe work for you and then it’s really reaching its full potential.

It’s crazy how the relationships between people and their closets evolve. Sometimes we feel like our wardrobe really doesn’t do much for us and other times our wardrobe contains everything that allows a person to express themselves. Whatever the relationship is, there are multiple keys to releasing the potential your wardrobe may hold. All you have to do is unlock them. Have any secrets of your own when it comes to getting the most out of your wardrobe? Share in the comments!

Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

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