Hobbies & Skills

Hobbies & Skills

23 Jul: What to Expect During Your First Pottery Class

Taking a pottery class is something that I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t seem to find. Every class that…

Glenwood Springs
25 Jun: Everything to Know about a trip to Glenwood Springs

Ever since I moved to Denver and learned that Amtrak comes right through the middle of downtown at Union Station,…

exercise classes
07 May: 8 Exercise Classes to Brighten Up your Fitness Routine

If you are looking to add something new to your fitness routine, I got the perfect exercise class for you….

black voice actors
26 Feb: Black Voice Actors Who Have Perfected Their Craft

The world of voice acting is truly a fascinating one, and it wouldn’t be the world it is without the…

YouTube exercising
29 Jan: YouTube Channels That Will Make You Love Exercising

Exercising can be fun but it can also feel like a chore at times. It’s such an amazing feeling when…

brand loyalty
13 Nov: Does Brand Loyalty Hinder Your Style Evolution?

Brand loyalty is defined as “the dedication a customer feels towards a brand that pushes them to consistently buy their…

home decor
03 Oct: 10 Places To Satisfy Your Home Decor Needs

Who doesn’t love some home decor? Well, I for one don’t…………………………………..no, I’m just kidding, I love home decor. I’ve always…

15 Aug: 5 Plants Perfect for Flexing Your Green Thumb

When I got my first set of plants which consisted of a rubber plant, an aloe vera, a succulent, and…

12 Jun: Here’s How You Can Pick Up Cooking As A Hobby

Cooking to some is like second nature. It’s something you usually have to do if you want to eat, but…

main character
29 May: The TV Debate: Main Character Vs Ensemble Cast

If you’ve been hanging around Style Exploration for a while, you know that I have a lot of opinions when…

Ring Fit Adventure
02 May: Novice Plays: Ring Fit Adventure

In this episode of Novice Plays, I will be talking all about Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch. If…

3tv watching styles
03 Apr: TV Watching Styles That You Might Be Familiar With

There’s a lot more to watching television than one may think. We all watch our favorite tv shows for different…