Hobbies & Skills

Hobbies & Skills

13 Jun: Challenge Yourself With A Flying Trapeze Lesson

Disclaimer: the trapeze lesson occurred before everything shut down due to Covid-19. Have you ever seen a Cirque Du Soleil…

hiking boots
23 May: The Lesson I Learned About Hiking Boots

Hiking, like other activities and/or hobbies, can teach you many things. I learned the hard way that hiking boots make…

outdoor chalk
16 May: Can Outdoor Games Improve Your Coordination?

When thinking of outdoor games, we normally think of them as ways to have fun, which they are, but have…

09 May: 8 Hobbies You Can Explore At Home

There may be times where you find yourself stuck at home and bored, and you’re just wondering to yourself, what…

indoor rock climbing
22 Apr: Indoor Rock Climbing: A Beginner’s Perspective

There used to be a GameWorks on The Strip right next to M&M world and at that GameWorks stood a…

clothing shop
18 Apr: Thrift Shops and Graphic Tees

Shopping can be a very interesting experience depending on how you do it. Personally, I’m more of an online shopper….

Canva - Close Up Photo of Gold-colored and Black Condenser Microphone (1)
10 Apr: The World of Voice Acting

Cartoons are amazing, they truly are. You mix drawings and animations with the versatile voices of voice actors and voilà,…

11 Mar: Training for the Circus

The fluid, smooth and graceful motion of Aerial Arts are everywhere you look. One peep at Instagram will have you…

style-neon-signage-2442430 (1)
29 Feb: Sense of Style

Everyone has a sense of style no matter how hard they try to deny it or say that they don’t….

08 Jan: Hiking?….Tell Me More

Off the Strip What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vegas? Is it the bright…