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YouTube Channels That’ll Make You Love Exercising

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Exercising can be fun but it can also feel like a chore at times. It’s such an amazing feeling when you come across, a routine, workout or exercise program that fits your style while also keeping you on track with your fitness journey. One channel that allows you to explore all types of exercising types without the gym prices and congestion is YouTube. There are a ton of YouTube channels that specialize in exercising and different workouts, but I must admit my favorite ones are the dance channels. A fun and enthusiastic dance break is always welcomed. Check out these 5 YouTube channels that just may provide the extra flavor your workout is missing.

Tara’s Body

Tara is a French fitness YouTuber who has an amazing variety of high-intensity dance workouts. The workouts are so much fun to do, and her playlists definitely help bring even more energy to the video. Her dance routines are pretty easy to pick up, so if you don’t know or speak French, such as myself, you’ll still have no trouble following along.

And8 Fitness

Dom and Danielle of and8 Fitness provide the perfect dance fit videos for any day of the week. I am so happy I found their channel since it reminds me of going to mixxedfit classes at the gym. Dance workouts are truly the best since they are fun, energetic, and focused.

Kukuwa Fitness

Kukuwa Fitness videos radiate good energy and encouragement throughout each set. Their videos specifically on Youtube are a bit on the shorter side but they still provide a great workout featuring African dance moves and the cutest fitness wear. I love that a lot of their videos are done outside. It helps keep energy high when the snow starts falling and temperatures drop.

Arianna Elizabeth

Let’s slow it down a little bit and enter the calming and serene channel of Arianna Elizabeth. Arianna has an amazing selection of yoga and strengthening videos that are usually around 20-30 minutes long. Yoga is a great way to introduce some variety into your workouts while also allowing you to work towards your goals.


If you are looking to fill your week with a new workout from a new instructor every day, check out POPSUGAR Fitness. They have dance videos, which you already know are my favorite, boxing, HIIT, Yoga and so much more. There is always something new to try out, and the videos are usually 30 minutes, so if you don’t connect to one video, just switch to another.

Do you use YouTube for your workouts? If so, what are some of your favorite YouTube channels for exercising? Share in the comments.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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